Will You Let Jesus Sit At the Well (5)

Will You Let Jesus Sit At the Well (5)

“How I love you, you are the one, you are the one. How I love you, you are the one for me!”

I woke up this morning singing this song. Not out loud, but inwardly. No-one else would have appreciated it at 5am!

Then while I was getting ready, I could hear Jesus singing it back to me. It was such a reminder to me that Jesus loves the one, and is willing to go out of his way for the one. Including me. Including you.

There are stories of Jesus doing that, or stories he told that showed just how willing he was to go out the way for the one. The lame man at the pool of Bethesda. The story of the shepherd looking for the lost sheep. And the woman at the well.

It’s amazing when the Father confirms everything that he is saying in so many different ways. Whether it’s the story of Jack (see Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well and Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (3)), and how Jesus is willing to go out of the way to sit and wait to meet one person.

Or how when you go to a church in San Francisco, and someone stands up and says, “I want to speak to you about my journey of the last 6 years, but I want to stick to the word. Turn with me to John 4.” My brothers response was, “You’re kidding!” And this person proceeds to speak about how they desired a real encounter with Jesus, and how Jesus revealed through the story of the woman at the well that everyone can have the same encounter as that woman. Jesus meeting the one. And it set everything up perfectly to share what Jesus has been doing and revealing recently. To travel all that way and for things to fall so perfectly into place. You can’t set that up you know!

It’s amazing when you sit next to someoneĀ on the bus, and after 2 mins they begin to open up about their fears that make it difficult to go out some times. About the five allergies they have, and the eye problem they were diagnosed with, and how they simply miss walking from one town to another but they can’t do it because of all those things. You know they have a long life ahead of them. And you know Jesus has drawn them and wants them to know him as Peace and Life. And that he wants them to make that walk again.

It’s amazing how Jesus can draw the one to himself. And how the one is drawn to Jesus. It’s almost like two attracting forces that finally meet together. The desire to eat and drink, the hunger and thirst of the one. And the desire of the One to satisfy that hunger with True Bread, and quench that thirst with Living Water.

Jesus waits for the one. He speaks to the one that perhaps no-one else speaks to. He listens to the one who perhaps no-one else listens to. He says exactly what’s needed to open up the one so that they know something has happened within them, and that nothing will ever be the same again. And he changes that one so that they go and tell others about him, and lead them to the One.

While I’m sitting here in Mcdonalds typing this, there is some music playing. I’m not paying attention. Then I hear the line of a song, “I didn’t know I was starving till I tasted you.” Then, “The more that I know you, the more I want to. Something inside me has changed.”

And Jesus says, “Isn’t that like so many today?”

One taste of him. The more they know, the more they want to. Something changes inside. Just like the woman at the well. So much so, she leaves behind her water pots with Jesus, the old means of collecting and drinking water, and she goes back to the town so she can lead others to him. When we drink of Jesus, we will leave behind all the old ways of drinking, and rely on the spring of Living Water within us.

Eat the Bread. Drink the Living Water. Say to Jesus today, “You are the one for me.” And hear him say it in return!