Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (3)

Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (3)

Just before I start, it’s important to note that the names used in this post are not the real names of the people!

I’ve been sitting most weekday early mornings for the last 5 weeks waiting for Jack to turn up. Jack is the guy I mentioned in the post “Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well?“.

Now I didn’t realise it had been 5 weeks. It doesn’t feel like 5 weeks since I last saw him. June (she works in Mcdonalds) and I have been asking one another “Have you seen him?” regularly throughout the last five weeks. We both knew what may have happened to him, but hoped it wasn’t the case. Jesus meeting Jack has opened up conversation with June during this time, and it’s clear that Jesus is at work. I can see what he’s doing.

When I previously wrote about Jack, I had waited a week for him. And I had got frustrated! And it was then that I learnt that the Father wanted Jesus to wait for the one, and so I must wait patiently for the one. And so I’ve stayed and waited this time, and I’ve held on to what I said before, “I will sit and wait, and when he is there I’ll be there.” That has taught me that Jesus will wait for those he wants to meet. I don’t care what people think or how it makes me appear to others when I go there daily. I know Jesus is waiting for the one. He’s told me that himself.

So I walk in this morning, as I have done almost daily for the last 5 weeks. I overhear some people talking behind the till that someone has changed their hours to 2pm-10pm. I think, “That’s June.” June is nowhere to be seen, she’s usually in really early.

I sit down as usual, take my notebook out as I do every day. And I wait. I listen, but I wait.

Barely any time goes by, and a figure walks in to my right, and says “Ah, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” And lo and behold it’s Jack. I ask him where he’s been, and it turns out June and I were right. But he’s here now and that’s all that matters.

I said to him “I’ve been here almost every day waiting for you for 5 weeks.” He was visibly moved. He said that he’s been thinking of June and I throughout the 5 weeks, and even crossed paths with some listening volunteers from the same organisation I’m with who tried to locate me. He wanted to let us know where he was and that he was OK.

We began to talk about Jesus meeting the woman at the well, and how that mirrored our first meeting where I was told to go to Mcdonalds and get a drink rather than somewhere else I had planned to go. And how the story mirrored our other meetings since. “Jesus is sitting at the well and waiting for you” I said. I opened up what the Father had said back in August; “Will you let Jesus sit at the well?” Jack liked that phrase! We talked more about Jesus, how he is willing to wait for the one person, because Jesus cares about Jack in such a way that he is saying to me, “Wait. I am.”

Then Grace (she works there too) came near to our table, so we ask her about June. Turns out June has changed hours. Jack’s disappointed but says he will be in to see her at some point when he can.

Jack has to leave, I stay for a while. I’m sitting there and Jesus says “write a note for June, give it to Grace and she’ll pass it on.” So I write a note to June, explaining that Jack turned up, that we were right, but that he had been thinking of us. I felt I should encourage her that she was really important to him, and thanked her for being open to him as she has been. And that I hope that she will be blessed in her new hours, as she has changed them for a specific reason, and I believe Jesus wants to reward her with himself as Peace so that she isn’t under pressure and stressed. I give the note to Grace, who Jesus is also gently drawing into the picture too. She knows I’ve been waiting for Jack each day too, and soon she’ll ask why.

I’ll see Jack tomorrow, there’s a few practical things I can help him with. But I know there is more for Jesus to say about himself too.

And as someone said to me today when I shared what had happened,

“He (Jack) is going to understand just how Jesus is going out of his way to meet him, and that people care too.”

Isn’t that just how Jesus was with the woman at the well? How he went somewhere out of his way to meet her and show her that he cared?

You may say that it wasn’t out of his way, the direct route to Galilee meant that he had to pass through Samaria. But the Jews always took the indirect route to Galilee “east of the River Jordan through Peraea because of their hatred for the Samaritans.” So Jesus does go out of his way. Out of the way of his people, out of the way of custom, pride and the status quo, to pass through Samaria to sit at a well and wait for this one person. He didn’t go that way because that was the route to take. He went that way because that’s what the Father was doing. He went that way because the Father wanted him to sit at the well and wait.

He went out of the way of the norm. For one person.

In this fast-paced world that we live in, waiting isn’t the done thing. Nor for the most part is breaking out of the norm. But are you willing to let Jesus sit at the well for one day? A week? 5 weeks? 6 months? A year?

Because if that’s what the Father is doing, that’s what Jesus is doing. And if it’s true that

“Because as he is so also are we in this world”

Then if Jesus is sitting and waiting for the one, we should be also!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let Jesus go out of his way to meet others!

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