Related to Jesus

Related to Jesus

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It’s wonderful whenever we experience a confirmation that Jesus is working. Sometimes we are trusting that Life is flowing and bearing fruit, even if the fruit is not yet fully formed, and especially when we don’t “see” it.

I went with a friend, Fran, to meet Paul’s mum (let’s call her Rose from now on). I mentioned Paul in a recent post titled Blessing (click link to read.) I’d been told that Fran lives in a village which is just a short drive to where Rose lives, and I knew that it was right for them to meet. So we arranged it and Fran and I went to see her yesterday afternoon.

It was perfect and so definitely Father working.

We sat and listened, and talked, very openly about Jesus too. Rose shared about not being religious, but about how she now believes in God, prays, and how something always seems to happen. She also told us how prayer works for her. How sometimes when she prays, something happens immediately. And how at other times when she prays, it may be a few weeks or longer before something happens. And how she realises that the answer comes at just the right time. That it wasn’t the right time for the answer when she prayed, but that her prayer was heard and the timing of the answer is always right.

She spoke also of the connection that she and Paul have with me.

As I said above, sometimes we are unaware of the real impact that Christ in us is having on others. I sat quite humbled to hear what Jesus is doing. And then there came a moment that spoke volumes to me and profoundly encouraged me. She said “Fran, I’m convinced Pete’s related to Jesus.” To which Fran and I replied at the same time, that I am, I’m a son too!

I was thinking about it yesterday evening. I was reminded again of the phrase “Because as he is, so also are we in this world.” How, when our consciousness is increased just enough, Christ in us consciousness brings about the incarnation of Christ in this world. Because he is, then we are. We become him in this world. We become Life, Peace, Light, Joy, Love; all that Christ is in us, we ooze to the world for want of a better word! People should be saying about each of us, “I’m convinced you’re related to Jesus!”

I spoke with Paul for a long time yesterday evening too. Often when people see him, they see the things he does. I can’t and won’t explain what those things are. But it’s understandable why people see him the way they do. It’s very obvious. It makes people uncomfortable.

But Father has given me a privileged perspective in recent months. It is to see what is happening within him.

When you talk to Paul, he speaks of God. His honesty is wonderful. And it’s his honesty I really appreciate. I know he’s not leading me on and saying what he thinks I want to hear. He doesn’t get anything out of me by telling me something that’s not true. It’s something that Rose is very clear about. “Whatever he says, he cannot lie, and if he does, he can’t lie for very long. He will always tells the truth and be honest.” I have experienced this with Paul.

Our conversation yesterday evening was great. He explained to me again that he didn’t used to believe in God, but that now he does. He uses phrases like “I’ve turned my life around to God.” And he is honest about what that means too. He was explaining again that, whilst he is still doing the things he has been doing for 20 plus years, he knows God and sees the world differently. He blesses other people. And in turn, Father blesses him. At times I really don’t get it, Father’s working is not my way of working. It’s very true to say that his ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts!

We spoke openly about change. Paul’s words were “I’ll never change, I am what I am.” And I am doing everything I can to help him see that he has already changed. Change is underway. He is not yet perfect. Change is not complete. So in that respect, he is the same as every one of us! But he has been drawn by the Father. He has “touched” something of Christ.

While I was getting ready this morning, these words were running through my mind. “When we experience Christ, change is inevitable.”

Paul has changed. It’s a joy to be able to sit with Rose and explain to her the change I see in him. She doesn’t get to see him. It’s not obvious to her. I was able to play her the voicemail message he left me a few weeks back, my morning blessing! To many, outwardly he is still the same old person. They see the outer shell, the things he does. To our Father, he is a beloved son, in who Christ has begun a work and I believe Jesus will see it through to completion.

He spoke about the things he does. He is more than aware of how those things affect those he loves and who love him. He also sees that those things don’t faze me. I explained to him that I don’t accept that those things are who he is. They are just things he does. Comforts. I don’t accept them and I don’t see that they are Father’s best for him. But I am able to see that Christ has begun an inner work which is much greater than the outer weaknesses that appear more obvious.

Paul can’t change himself. But Jesus is more than capable of changing him. And the funny thing is, Jesus has already begun that change in him! Helping Paul to see that change has already begun is where we are.

Let me encourage you that the journey we are on of Father revealing his Son in us is exactly what this world needs. They don’t need a religious person with their rules and regulations, pointing the finger, throwing stones and bashing them over the head with a religious stick! They don’t need a person standing in front of them and reading to them from a book. They need a person who is open to and conscious of Christ within. They need a person who stands and speaks with authority, just as Jesus does. A person who knows that because Christ is in us, so also are we in this world. They need a person who is the incarnation of The Person himself.

And a person to whom others will say;

“I’m convinced you’re related to Jesus!”

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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