Freely Received, Freely Give

Freely Received, Freely Give


Since Friday I’ve been in San Francisco. Today I go home.

I love the city here. There is so much diversity, so much to see and do. But the reason I love this place is the people that are here.

You see this is a place where family live. 15 years of connection means I can travel around 5,300 miles and be with family.

And being with family means we eat together, we talk, we share life together, we laugh together. It’s this sharing of life that is so essential to us and to those we meet. We get together knowing that we are in Jesus and it’s him we are sharing.

And I was in conversation (messaging) with someone back home this morning, and the words,

“Freely you have received, freely give”

came to mind.

You see, with the Bread of Life, the Father has freely given us “All Things.”

And this is profound I know. Bread is perfect for sharing. It’s easily broken and easily shared.

Jesus demonstrated that as the Bread of Life, he must be broken and then shared to feed and satisfy those who eat of him. This we see in the feeding of the five thousand. In the last meal with the disciples. In the sharing with the two disciples after walking the road to Emmaus.

Numbers are unimportant to Jesus. His supply is limitless and feeds all those who desire to eat of him; Two, twelve, five thousand, or more.

If we have freely received all things in him, and we are eating the true Bread daily, we have to obey the words of Jesus,

“Freely you have received, freely give.”

This time away since last Friday has been about sharing the Bread with others. Whether that’s one other person, three people at a time or more it doesn’t matter. It’s about sharing the Bread of Life, Jesus himself, whenever and wherever, because I recognise that the Father has freely given me all things in Jesus himself.

And in knowing that I have freely received all things, the Father wants me, as a son, to live freely. The only way to live freely in Jesus is to receive freely and then give freely. This Bread is meant to be shared.

Let us eat of him, the Bread of Life, drink from the Inner Spring, and let us live as people who can truly say,

“Freely I have received, freely I give.”

One thought on “Freely Received, Freely Give

  1. Once again Pete full of insight and full of LIFE. So glad you get to share it with family in San Fran. The same when I was on Orlando – a family and LIFE.


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