I’ve been thinking about the comparison between the true bread of heaven and fake bread.

Whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, we all eat fake bread on occasions. Unless we’re perfect. And I know I’m not, and I have come to the knowledge that there is only one who is perfect. That’s a peaceful place to be.

This comparison is one of what is consumed, fake bread and true bread, and what is fed, flesh and spirit.

And this thought dawned on me, how the flesh has an unhealthy, insatiable desire for fake bread. Once the flesh has been fed, it has an incredible desire to be fed more.

And it also occurred to me that in the eating of fake bread, the desire of the flesh isn’t ever satisfied, and that it will never be satisfied. The more fake bread that’s eaten, the more insatiable the flesh becomes and the more unsatisfied the flesh becomes. That is the unhealthy nature of the flesh.

The spirit also has an insatiable desire for true bread, but opposite to the flesh, the spirit will be satisfied with the true bread of heaven. The key is to continue to eat of the true bread so that we might remain satisfied. So this doesn’t mean that we stop eating of the true bread, but we continue to eat knowing that true bread constitutes a healthy spirit.

And this is the opposing nature of the flesh and the Spirit. I remember reading Tozer once, and he said that the only remedy to the flesh is the Spirit. And that’s true.

You see, I know from experience that eating fake bread is unhealthy. We probably all do. Sometimes I don’t know why I eat it, but I just do. Sometimes I choose to, and sometimes I walk in and eat without thinking! Either way, I know in myself that feeding the flesh creates an immediate and insatiable desire for more fake bread.

The key is to recognise, as Paul did, that the flesh and the Spirit are opposed to one another. I remember seeing it differently from how I had always viewed it some time back, I always thought opposed meant they were constantly fighting each other. Then I saw that opposed doesn’t necessarily mean that.

Opposed also means the polar opposite. Like East and West, North Pole and South Pole, that sort of thing. Flesh and Spirit are completely opposed in that sense. That’s why Paul would say that to walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.

And so, to eat fake bread, we are feeding the flesh, and the flesh is unsatisfied and insatiable and unhealthy.

And we have a choice. Stop eating the fake bread and start eating the true bread, or keep on eating the fake.

To eat the true bread is to eat of Jesus himself. It’s the complete opposite of eating fake bread. I may have eaten fake bread yesterday, or last week, but “Today” I can choose to eat of Jesus, and be satisfied in my spirit. My spirit and flesh don’t need to have a wrestling match. If I turn to the Lord and eat of him, I am completely opposed to the flesh.

And that’s such a great thing to know. That’s eating of the one who is peace, who is life, who is joy. That’s the polar opposite to the flesh.

Let’s eat of Jesus today, making the choice to receive the Fathers gift, eat and drink of him, and we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.

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