I Am. Strong

I Am. Strong


This morning I was walking (I love walking!), and there were a few things that caught my attention. I learnt a while back that we have to be observant to what is going on all around us. I’m not as observant as I should be. But I hope to become more observant, there’s so much to learn.

Jesus was observant. It’s why he said such things as, “Consider the birds of the air,” or “consider the lilies of the fields.” To consider is to observe and to think about.

I saw a squirrel climbing up a tree as I walked past this morning. Squirrels climb quickly, they are always in a hurry to get away if you get too close.

Then, further on in my walk, I saw a crow perched on a fence. I got to maybe within 3 or 5 feet of it, then it flew away. It was interesting to watch as I got closer the tension in the bird, “Do I or don’t I fly?”

And the thought came that creation itself is riddled with fear. There was nothing in me to indicate that I was a threat, that I was out to harm them. But there was something in both of them that caused them to run. Fear.

I think back to the beginning. How God called to the man,

“Where are you?”

And the man replied,

“I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.”

That’s what we do. We can be like the squirrel, hurriedly scampering up a tree to hide. Or the crow, happy as long as someone doesn’t get too close, but then flying off when they do.

We can be like Adam. Afraid to be completely exposed before the creator. At the very sound of God, we can be scampering away to try to hide.

This is our very weakness as created beings, fear. Our weaknesses are a direct result of our weakness. But it is our weakness that sees us scampering away from the Father. It sees us scampering away from one another too.

So I’m thinking about all this, and the words of Paul come to mind about weakness and strength. But I see it differently. Reading it in the literal Greek translation, it says,

“whenever I may be being weak, then powerful I am”

Thank goodness we have a remedy to this weakness! The Father’s gift of the bread of life, and the Inner Spring, Jesus himself.

Whenever I may be being weak (which we should understand and not be afraid of), existing in my weakness, then there is one sure thing. I Am is powerful.

My weaknesses may spring from my weakness, but to be single in my focus on the fact that I Am is not weak, I Am doesn’t exist in weakness and there are no weaknesses in I Am is to be able to receive and live in his strength.

This free gift of the Father, the Bread of Life, the Inner Spring, given to bring us into oneness with him, enables us to say,

“I may be being weak, but I Am is strong.”

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