Consume and be Consumed

Consume and be Consumed


I was in conversation with someone the other evening, and I said something that has stayed with me since then. It was,

“Whatever you consume, then consumes you.”

I am unashamedly continuing the theme of the bread of Life whenever I’m led to. Just like Peter said,

“I think it right, as long as I am in this body, to stir you up by way of reminder.”

So if you feel you’ve read this before, or at least the theme, treat it as a reminder for today!

There is so much to consume. There is so much on offer to us, seeking to pull us this way or that. So much variety and diversity and distraction. And it is easy for us to consume these things. And, perhaps at times anyway, we can be totally unaware of the fact that as we first consume them, these things then consume us.

I was talking with someone else the other week. They were talking about a problem they had, which I could see was an internal problem, and wanted to know what to do to sort the problem out.

At the time I was probably not very helpful as I think what I said wasn’t what they wanted to hear. But I could only talk out of the experience of what I have learnt of Jesus.

You see, whatever problem we have within us, it comes down to one fundamental issue. Be it anger, jealousy, disappointment, regret, and so on, it is simply a question of what we are eating. There is nothing that is more apt relating to the spiritual life than the phrase “you are what you eat.”

We can talk all about our problems, the things we feel and the things which come from within us. But right at the bottom line, at the heart of it all, it’s what we are eating that is the issue. Remembering that Jesus said,

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.”

There is true bread. Jesus said that. He said,

“my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.”

Everything else is fake bread. It might even taste pretty good, but it’s fake. There is no Life in this bread. There is only Life in the true bread.

Eat of the true bread, in which there is real Life, the Life, and I will be consumed by Life. Eat of the fake bread, and whatever it is, I will be consumed by that.

Whatever we consume will consume us. There is a sense of voracity in this word consume. Greed, desire, selfishness and ego, and many other negative things can lead us to consume fake bread.

And in voraciously consuming this fake bread, we will find ourselves consumed by the very things we are consuming. And we think we are in control. But little do we realise that these things then control us.

But to voraciously consume the bread of Life, we must humble ourselves, acknowledge our weakness and our need for Life, and in doing so we will be consumed by this Life. The Father gives a gift which can only be consumed in weakness, humility and love! That’s stunning.

This consuming of Life brings us to a relationship of love and of oneness. There is no control, just a oneness of love and humility and sharing between I Am and us.

Let’s remind ourselves again today. Eat the bread of Life. Drink the living water from the Inner Spring. And let’s be consumed by Life.

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