Father! Reveal Your Son In Me

Father! Reveal Your Son In Me

Scripture tells us that creation is groaning, waiting and longing for the sons of God to be revealed.

In the last few years it’s dawned on me that very often we live waiting for something that we think will happen in the future. And that we never seem to actually reach it. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might remember the post titled Carrot On A Stick. It sums up for me how I used to live, and how I’ve found many people live on their God journey.

The carrot on a stick is always out in front of us. Always dangling enticingly in front of us but always just out of reach. We live as if we’re always trying to get there.

I think this is what can happen when we read this scripture. We read it. We know it’s the Father’s desire for his sons to be revealed and for creation to see them and for its groaning to cease.

Recently I’ve been more aware of the words that people use when they say, “We’ll get there.” But where is there? He is ‘there.’ He is the ‘there’ where we need to be. And he is not distant somewhere in the future, dangling in front of us and tempting us with what might be, just maybe, at some point in the distant future. He is I Am, present, here and now.

While I was getting ready yesterday morning, I was reminded (again!) of this phrase;

“Father, reveal your Son in me.”

It’s clear that creation is groaning. We only need open our eyes and ears and be aware of those around us, even the environment that surrounds us. It is groaning and quite loudly. Sometimes you may wonder what your part is in the story of creation.

It dawned on me afresh. When we pray the prayer above, and Father answers (as he delights to) and reveals Christ in us, then we are revealed as the sons of God in creation. In that present moment. We are reminded that, because we are sons, Father has put the Spirit of his Son in us, crying

“Abba! Father!”

Isn’t that amazing? He says, “Because you ARE sons, I HAVE put the Spirit of my Son in you, crying ‘Abba! Father!'”

That is the confirmation to us and to the world around us that we are sons. It is the confirmation that cannot be denied. And so, there is something beautiful and amazing that can happen today for us. The dangling carrot is no more! There is a groaning creation all around you and I. This creation is longing for the revealing of the sons of God. It is longing for you and I to be revealed. It is longing for our revealing, today.

Sometimes it’s a hard thing for us when we hear and feel the groaning of creation. It hurts to see people in the situations and circumstances they are in. But there is also something glorious in this. In their situations and circumstances, in their groaning, they are longing for this revealing. They are longing to see someone who has cried “Abba! Father! Reveal your Son in me!” They are longing for you and I to be revealed as sons.

Do you and I know that it’s possible for us to cause the groaning to cease around us today? Your part in the story of creation is to be a groan-ceaser! Simply through being revealed as a son of the Father. The mark, the confirmation to creation, is that Father has put the Spirit of his Son in us. No-one can deny that he is in us when we are revealed as sons.

Whether it’s dis-ease, a lack of Peace. Whether it’s isolation (we are finding many who have lived in isolation but who are coming out of that through genuine Love and connection). Whether it’s hopelessness. Whatever the groaning around you and I today, whatever we see, hear and feel, there is this most amazing, most wondrous thing that can happen!

Yes! You and I, today, right now, can be revealed to creation as the sons of God! You and I can be the ones who cease the groaning we hear, see, and feel.

Simply ask again,

“Abba! Father! Reveal your Son in me.”

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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