Carrot On A Stick

Carrot On A Stick


This is a picture that I’ve had in mind for sometime. It represents how I feel my journey with Jesus used to look. Me being the donkey, things that God wanted to give me being the carrot.

We all know what this represents. But let’s walk it through together.

The idea behind the carrot is that the donkey can see the carrot, and walks forward to try to reach the carrot. But the carrot being suspended from the back of the donkey means that the donkey can never reach the carrot. No matter how far the donkey walks, how much effort is put in to reach the carrot, the carrot is always dangling just out of reach.

The donkey could walk until it could walk no more. It still wouldn’t reach the carrot!

The donkey spends so much time focused on what it doesn’t have. If the donkey had the carrot, the carrot would be eaten. It can see something ahead that it wants, and yet that thing is always just out of reach.

I felt like that. Until one day Jesus was revealed in me as the Bread of Life for today.

“Give us THIS DAY our daily bread.”

When the Father said today, I knew he meant today. What a wonderful release that brings when we see that the Father gives us the True Bread of Heaven today!

And yesterday evening I was reminded of this picture while with a group of people and we were talking about Jesus.

When the Father says “Today”, and we receive Jesus as the Bread of Life, we are receiving all we need for today. For us and for others. It’s trusting and knowing that in receiving Jesus, “I shall not want.”

Jesus can’t be divided. If he is Peace, then he is also Joy at the same time. If he is Peace and Joy, he is also Love at the same time. If he is Peace, Joy and Love, he is also Life at the same time. And so on.

It’s simply trust which says that the gift that the Father is giving us, the Bread of Life, Jesus Himself, meets all our needs today.

The Father doesn’t dangle Jesus in front of us like some magical carrot and keep us going without ever receiving him. He gives Jesus Himself in complete fullness today, and all our needs are met in him.

The Father desires for us to be conscious today of his gift in us. He is the gift we are giving to others. Peter and John knew what they had to give, because they were focused completely on the One they had to give.

“What I do have I give to you.”

When we are focused on the carrot dangling in front of us, we are focused on what we don’t have, and we can’t give what we don’t have. That’s profound that is!

And if we are conscious of this Life within us, then we should be sure not to dangle Jesus as some magical carrot before others too, visible but just out of reach. Jesus, the Bread of Life, is accessible to all, shareable with all, and will supply their needs also.


Eat the Bread. Drink the Living Water. Don’t be a donkey! 🙂

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