“The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”

This is a wonderful phrase from Jesus. It’s wonderful because it’s true. And it’s wonderful because he still speaks to us. And it’s wonderful because his words to us are still spirit and life.

Today whilst getting ready, Jesus spoke something to me, starting with the words “You are not…”, and then proceeded to tell me to look up the meaning of the word he had used.

A few weeks back this well intentioned word was used over me. It was only today that I realised how much effect this word had been having on me the last couple of weeks. Now I won’t tell you the word as it’s not fair on anyone involved, and doesn’t need to be shared!

But having read the meaning, I immediately asked Jesus to break the power of the word over me! He has continued to speak words of spirit and life throughout the day. And what Peace I’ve experienced!

Through this, I was reminded again of the power that words have. Even words said with the best intentions can cause devastation and confusion. Thank goodness that Jesus still speaks!

And Jesus also said these words. They are essential for us.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Are our hearts open and receptive to the voice of Jesus today? Are they open to his voice continuously? He speaks words of spirit and life not just to us, but also for others. This is the Bread of Life that we share. Everything about him is Life!

In fact, following a day of Jesus speaking words of Life to me, this evening there was a fantastic opportunity for Jesus to speak words of spirit and life to my youngest boy. We had talked as a family about some things that needed addressing (involving a week long screen ban, but we won’t go into that…), but out of this talk, I asked a question of the youngest one; “Do you still get upset about Grandma?” He broke down, told me that ever since she had gone everything had been bad, and so we sat in the living room, and I was able to let Jesus speak to him and bring Peace. It was such a powerful moment together. It wouldn’t have happened without listening to and knowing the voice of Jesus.

And after an evening involving some discipline, the boys and I had a wonderful time of sharing Life together before they went to bed. When Jesus speaks words of spirit and life, things change. Circumstances change. And most of all people change.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Know the voice of Jesus, and let him speak words of spirit and life to you, and through you to others.

3 thoughts on “Words

  1. Great to hear about the boys. May Micah be blessed and at peace. Keith

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