Alive (2)

Alive (2)

What is it that makes us alive?

If you were to ask 100 people, you may get 100 different answers. Some might answer scientifically. Some may share experiences that have made them feel “alive.” Some may approach the answer from a philosophical perspective.

Jesus himself leaves us in no doubt.

“Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.”

Some days are all about reminders for me. I may have written these thoughts, or something like these thoughts before. But I can promise you that today, in the middle of all the things that are going on around me (and there is much potential distraction right now), Father wants to remind me afresh of this simple truth. And the chances are that as you are reading this, he may also want to remind you afresh too.

This morning I was in the Land of the Golden Arches. I was sharing Philip’s latest adventures with one of the staff members who I’ve been connected to for some time now. The last four or five weeks she has been fascinated by the journey and transformation of this man who she’s never met, but whose story I’ve had the privilege of sharing with her. This unfolding of a woman at the well like story continues to amaze me. I cannot cease to be amazed at the influence that Jesus is having through this one, humble, but truly thankful man. The story of the man inspires and draws people, pointing to Jesus as the Source of an incredible transformation.

After we’d finished talking, I was sat there and this thought came to mind.

“Alive to God.”

Then, a prayer.

“Father, thank you that today you make me alive to yourself through your Son in me.”

Scripture clarifies this being alive to God by stating what is true. That being alive to God is in Christ Jesus. That is the basis of the prayer this morning. This Living One, whose existence and purpose is to be wholly and completely alive to our Father, can be revealed in us. He is the most alive being who does, has, and will exist. Ever.

Spirit, soul, mind, and body. There is a progression. But all these are connected and affected when the spirit is made alive in Christ. Christ in us, alive in our spirit to the Father, brings our soul alive to the Father. And our mind. And also our body. When Christ, who is alive to the Father, is revealed within us, our emotions, our thinking, and every cell in our body is made “alive to God.”

Our prayer in asking Father to reveal his Son in us is this. “Through the gift you give, Jesus himself, make me fully alive to you.” Father do this right here and now! When so much seeks to drag me down, to pull me away from being conscious of you in spirit, soul, mind and body, Father reveal your Son in me that I might be alive to you!

Do you know that in the middle of your circumstances, our Father wants you to be alive to himself?

Do you know that no matter how great the darkness outside of you, the revealing of Christ in you can be a shining light and enliven you in every way to the Father?

Do you know that, when the burden you’re carrying seems too heavy and you feel as though you can’t take it any longer, there is one longing to reveal his Son in you to make you alive to himself and keep you moving forward?

Do you know that when you simply ask “Father, reveal your Son in me,” that the Son says, “Yes, and I will reveal my Father in you and you will be fully alive to him”?

Father, in each of us who read this today, make alive our spirits, where you are living and moving. Make alive our emotions. May we be emotionally healthy and whole. Make alive our minds, that we may know our thoughts alive to you, conscious that we truly have the mind of Christ. And make alive our bodies from the body as a whole to the smallest neutrino (considered at this time to be the smallest sub-atomic particle.)

“Father, reveal your Son in me; Jesus, reveal our Father in me.”

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

One thought on “Alive (2)

  1. Pete, you are continuing to break new ground in understanding what it means to have Jesus living inside us. Thank you for continuing to write all this down so that we can learn from it. Even today, may you grow further in your “knowledge and love of Christ Jesus” who, as you say, is life itself. Love Keith


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