The Man On The Bench (3)

The Man On The Bench (3)

What does it mean to sit where they sit?

Jesus knows. He knew when he sat with the woman at the well. He knows when he’s with Philip, the Man on the Bench.

For Philip, the bench is a safe place. I’ve worked that much out. If Jesus wants to talk with Philip, it’s gonna be on the bench. I imagine that the well was a bit like that for the woman. A safe place in the middle of the day when no-one else would be there. To sit where they sit might just be to sit with them in their safe place, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Or cold!

Father is bringing so much to Philip that it’s a little overwhelming for him at times. We’re working through all that Father’s doing one small step at a time. It’s beautiful to see how Father is demonstrating to him that he is a loving Father and that Philip is his loved son, and that Father has planned everything for his son to succeed. It’s beautiful because he’s doing that with many others too. Proving that he is a good Father. We need only receive.

I’m learning so much from Philip. We’ve sat together on the bench 3 times this week. Monday, yesterday and today. And each day I am seeing and hearing things that can only be Jesus at work in him. Yesterday he sang to me. He sang what he thought were the words from a song by the Hollies. “Peace became me, and I was free.” Turns out they aren’t the lyrics to the song. But I like Philip’s words better and he sung them so well. They were Spirit words I think. 🙂

Today we read John 4 together and with another guy who was sat on the bench with us. You know when it says where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am? Yep.

We agreed today that the bench is “church” for us. There might be 2, 3, 5, or more of us at times. But that place is “church” because we are there in Jesus, and Jesus is there in us.

And I knew Jesus was working big time today when Philip said “Give us this day our daily bread,” and proceeded to tell me “It’s not about yesterdays bread or tomorrow’s bread, but all about today’s bread, because today is all we have. That’s why it’s daily bread.” I think he must have read one of the blog posts from early 2015 or something. Same Spirit and all that. Living Bread!

We talked about forgiveness too. How Jesus, even when hanging on a cross and without receiving an apology from anyone was able to say “Father, please forgive them. They don’t know what they do.”

Jesus says “Go and make disciples.”

You know what? You can’t make even one disciple without relationship. You can’t make a disciple without sitting where they sit, walking where they walk, eating where they eat and so on. You can’t make a disciple by taking them through a course and teaching them the theory of Jesus. You invite them to experience Jesus and share the Life within you. To sit where Jesus is sitting and to experience the person, Jesus himself. You sit with them as Jesus is revealed in them. You walk with them as his Life in them takes them onward. “Thank you for letting me into your Life.” Remember that from the last post? That’s the experience of Jesus, not a theory.

The woman at the well drew the people from her town to Jesus. The man on the bench is doing the same. People are drawn, Jesus is working. Jesus is sitting on the bench with the man on the bench. And he’s sitting with all those others we’ve mentioned before.

Let’s continue to be led to “sit where they sit” and let Jesus draw people to himself in us. And as they eat of him, he will multiply in them and then in others.

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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