Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (8)

Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (8)

Jesus is sitting at a well in Sychar in Samaria.

I’d like to know if, just like I do sometimes, Jesus wondered why he was there.

  • Did Jesus always know everything?
  • Did he know he would meet the woman?
  • Did he know that she would bring the whole town to meet him?
  • Or was Jesus sitting and waiting, knowing something would happen but not knowing what?

Or was he just tired? And then the woman showed up.

But isn’t it amazing that Father knows just what we need. Jesus followers had gone to town to get food. They thought they could feed and energise Jesus by buying food in town and bringing it back to him.

But the Father knows just how to feed us. In the same way that Jesus was fed, we are fed and watered when we do the will of the Father. Jesus is energised when he does exactly what the Father is doing. He gives Life to the woman. And he is energised.

Back to Jesus sitting there. There is something quite unique that I’ve been experiencing for some time. It is how Jesus is willing to sit and wait for the one that he wants to meet. And that if he is sitting and waiting, then he expects me to do the same! Our world, particularly the western culture I live in, doesn’t do stillness and apparent inactivity very well.

We have a ‘doing’ culture. But I wonder if we are missing something essential to what Jesus is doing. Jesus is willing to sit and wait for the one. Am I?

We’re not told whether Jesus met others who came to the well. We’re told about the one. Perhaps Jesus met others as they came to the well. He could have asked anyone for a drink if they came to the well. But he didn’t. He asked the one. He asked this woman who, when she arrived, he knew she was the one.

I wonder did Jesus think that maybe it might have been better to go into town and find food? Let’s not forget the humanity of Jesus. Tempted in every way, just as we are!

And if he was tempted in every way, just like me, I’m pretty convinced he will have thought about getting up and going because nothing seems to be happening! I’ve thought like that. Less so since last year I admit, but I’ve done that.

Last year I told you about Jack. Jack was the essential piece in the puzzle of Jesus teaching me to sit and wait for the one. Here are a couple of posts that will bring you up to speed. Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well and Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well (3).

I learnt over time to be patient and wait.

In June Jack and I lost touch. A number of things happened. I tried the number that I had for him, both message and calls, but no joy. I thought maybe the door had closed. I didn’t see him around town which was also unusual.

Skip to last week. I’m in Aldershot with others in Wetherspoons. Jack had been there on a few occasions, he knew that I would be there on a Tuesday. As we were deep in discussion, I looked out the window and there was Jack staring in the window!

I got up from where I was sitting and he came in for a short while. We talked, I got his new number, and off he went.

On Thursday I sent a message to him. And what I got back I was not expecting! It was a video of him being baptised. It turns out that about 2 or 3 months back he had responded to Jesus and was baptised. It made sense of all the sitting and waiting that Jesus was doing. All the times I wondered why I was waiting when nothing seemed to be happening, those times when I was sat on my own and we didn’t meet. It wasn’t about me. It was all about Jesus. And Jack made his own response to Jesus.

Jesus is an expert at sitting and waiting for the one. I’m still learning that.

There is something that I’ve learnt in sitting and waiting too. When you are faithful to wait in a certain place that Jesus is waiting, people know where to come. That was the first thing someone said to me on Tuesday last week. “Jack knew just where you’d be.”

Perhaps you too have been waiting, either in a physical place, or maybe spiritually. Perhaps, like me, you’ve wondered what you’re waiting for. And perhaps, also like me, you’ve considered getting up and moving on because nothing seems to be happening! But you know what, Jesus is waiting. You know that where you are waiting the one will arrive. It tests your very patience to the limit, but you know you have to trust that Jesus knows what he is doing. He is the expert at waiting.

Let me encourage you that Jesus is still waiting. For all the ones who are on their way to meet him. And he wants us to learn to sit and wait for them too. To hang in there knowing that they are being drawn to Jesus, not us. And therefore, as we are conscious of Christ in us, Jesus is drawing them to himself in us. And sometimes we don’t even know when they will appear!

When we learn to suppress frustration and embrace patience, to embrace Jesus himself in us, we will learn that our waiting (our abiding, remaining) will bear fruit. We are not just learning to wait in a physical place. We are learning to abide in him and him in us. If it starts with Jesus, it will end with Jesus!

So hang in there. Jesus is.

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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