Live It Out

Live It Out

Just as I got into bed last night, Father said to me, “Live it out.”

Live what out? Well, the first thing was to find out what the meaning was. To live something out is to “do in reality what one has imagined.”

For so long that’s how I lived my journey with Jesus. Always imagining what was up ahead. Always waiting for the next thing that God wanted to do. Chasing that ‘Carrot on a Stick‘ (click the link if you’d like to read) that I could never actually reach. Basically, living a life of lack rather than living conscious of the Life within, abiding, and being a branch for Life to flow.

Not any more. Now, it’s all about living. Truly living. Knowing that it’s no longer I, but Christ.

Father continually reveals to us that he is much more than within reach. No longer the carrot dangling in front of us and enticing us to something outside of our reach. This Life is within us.

And so his encouragement to us is “Live it out.” It is not simply “Let it out.” This is not simply an it. This is the Person, Jesus himself, fully expressing his Life through us. All that we have imagined becomes reality in Christ in us. Our doing is a natural expression of our being. We live it out rather than just let it out, as he who is living flows through those who consciously abide in him. He lives, we live.

Jesus said that. He said that because he lives, we also will live. That’s such a wonderful promise. He said that in that day we would know that he is in the Father, we are in him, and he is in us. That is why Father is urging us every moment of every day, “Ask me. Ask me to reveal my Son in you.” Father longs for us to live it out.

I remember a song that we used to sing at church when I was younger. The first line was this;

“I live, I live, because he is risen!”

That is truth. The chorus of the song is also very simple.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. Because you’re alive, because you’re alive, because you’re alive I live!”

I love the emphasis on repeating the truth “Because you’re alive”, as if we may not fully grasp it the first time! And 3 times, once for each day he was dead too! You see if he is not risen in us, then we are not truly alive. A dead Christ means a dead us. It’s impossible to live it out. If he isn’t alive in us, we are not alive. Not in the sense of the Life that he offers us. Let’s say it again: Because he lives, I live.

The disciples had seen Jesus first hand. They saw all that he had done. He had talked of and revealed to them wonderful truths. He had spoken of that day, the one where they would know that he was in the Father, they were in him, and he was in them. And then, before long, it was that day!

Can you hear their cry? Do you and I have that same cry within us? That day when Father revealed his Son in them. This day was so different for them. Jesus had been revealed to them. Today, Father revealed his Son in them. “Because you live, I live!” Our cry will be the same as Father reveals his Son in us. Not just once, but continually as we ask him through each and every day, “Father, reveal your Son in me.”

I know my day came in January 2015. Jesus had been revealed to me before that. That day Father revealed Christ in me. And he continues to do so each time I ask him, “Father reveal your Son in me.”

Jesus wants to live it out through us. Those who abide, who remain, those are the branches he can live it out through. He needs branches who are one with him. These branches are the vessels of Life himself!

Let me encourage you today to live it out. To do in reality what you have only imagined. To ask the Father to reveal his son in you afresh, and to experience that cry from deep in your spirit, “Because you live, I live!”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Live it out!

One thought on “Live It Out

  1. Yes, if he is not truly alive in us we are not really living. But praise God he is risen so nothing more is needed for him to be alive in us other than our own faith and willingness.


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