The Vine

The Vine

This post will be a compilation of things that have come to me associated with Jesus revealed as the True Vine. It may be there isn’t much to say, but it all adds together as the Father is revealing Jesus as the True Vine. It seems that the Father is highlighting this for very good reason, and word is spreading.

So many conversations this week have again come back to Christ, the True Vine. And as he speaks through us, words of spirit and life have a real and tangible effect in us and others. As the Truth speaks, so we know the Truth. And there are so many opportunities for the Life of Jesus himself to flow through us it’s unreal. If we are simply branches resting, remaining in him and him in us, Life will flow. It’s a guarantee.

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing a vine to bear fruit. Pruning takes place in early winter to prepare the vine to bear fruit, although they need regular pruning throughout the growing season to keep them manageable and productive. Pruned branches may “bleed” water. The force of the water drawn by and through the vine drips from the pruned branches. It is a great indication that the vine is alive, and that the branches are capable of bearing fruit.

This “bleeding”, the water of the vine dripping from the pruned branches indicates a flow of life. If the water of the vine doesn’t drip from the branch, it stands to reason that the branch is incapable of bearing fruit. No life flow, no fruit!

In the context of Jesus as the True Vine, isn’t this amazing? He says that a branch that bears fruit is pruned so that it may bear more fruit. And any branch that doesn’t bear fruit is cut off. Are we being pruned? If yes, that’s good then! And if we are being or have been pruned, are we as branches still dripping with the Life of the Vine? There is never any question that the Vine himself is lacking. Even having been pruned, a Branch that abides will never be lacking the Life of the Vine. Even a pruned Branch seeps Life.

It seems a number of friends of mine have vines. One of them sent me this during the week.

“Interesting watching the pruning video… I have deliberately let mine go because I like the leaves. So now it looks amazing in leaf but the fruit is diminishing. I’m fairly sure some discussion could be had around that.”

This is a wonderful example. As we’ve seen before, the Vinedresser makes ready everything for the Vine to produce quality fruit. I’ll say it again; quality fruit. As branches, what surrounds us may look amazing, it may look lush and healthy. Others may marvel at how great everything looks. But a fruit producing Vine has its branches pruned to concentrate the Life so that quality fruit is produced. I love the phrase “it looks amazing in leaf but the fruit is diminishing.” There is definitely much discussion to be had around that!

This is the video mentioned, a timelapse of a vine from 2013 in Napa, California. Take a look, it’s a visual example of the words of Jesus.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Be the Branch he chooses you to be.

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