Made Ready

Made Ready

“But as it is written, which eye has not perceived, and ear does not hear, and that has not entered into the heart of a human, that which God makes ready to the ones loving him.”

Some translations say “prepared” instead of “makes ready.” Whichever way we look at it, the Father is revealing to us that, as the Vinedresser, he has made ready everything for the Vine to bear fruit. And this is revealed to us by the Spirit.

That’s the responsibility of the Vinedresser. Everything is made ready for the Life of the Vine to flow through his branches and bear fruit. No wonder Jesus reveals this relationship through the example of the Vine and branches. There is no better example of relationship, everyone and everything working together to bring forth perfect fruit. And as branches simply focusing on abiding, or as I like to put it, being.

I think that’s what he’s been showing me, not just in theory, but in experience. The lady that I met last week I am meeting up with again next week. How the Father perfectly makes ready places, people, situations, and conversations for the Life of the Vine to flow through us is wonderful. That we need not fret or stress, nor strive to bring forth fruit. The Father makes ready everything perfectly so that the Life of the Vine can flow. Abiding is being, simply being in him and him being in us. Leaving the Vinedresser to make ready the environment for fruit production, and the Vine to flow through us, the branches. Abiding, remaining in him, is a place of rest. A place where the Vine is our entire focus.

And this being is what he is wanting to reveal to all of us. Is it possible to simply rest in the Vine? It must be, Jesus invites us to do just that. To leave behind our stress and striving and abide. To not worry about the fruit we are producing, but let him do all that he wants to do through us. To live in oneness and simply let Life flow.

I must say again that I’ve been challenged about the focus of a Vinedresser. We as humans are so often focused on quantity. The bigger the better. The greater the yield, the happier we are. And then you realise that in likening our relationship to a Vinedresser, Vine and branches, that it’s all about the quality of fruit. The greater the quantity of fruit produced on a vine, the lesser the quality of the fruit. That eternal element that I’ve mentioned before is essential. It’s not producing as much fruit as possible that matters, it’s that the Father is so focused on producing fruit of such perfect quality. It’s a completely different focus.

I think that’s all he has to say about that today. There is so much he is wanting to reveal to us about this unique relationship in him. Let’s continue to abide, to simply be, and allow this relationship to bring forth fruit through us.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water.

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