“As He Is, So I Am.”

“As He Is, So I Am.”

The last few weeks, Jesus has been reminding me of this.

“As I am faithful, so you must be faithful to others.”

This is sometimes difficult. Distractions, busyness, stress, problems, worry; all these things and many more can get in our finite mind and cause us to forget.

For me, this year has been important to show the faithfulness of God in Christ to others. There are two couples in particular who I know the Father has wanted to show his Love and faithfulness toward them through Christ in me. He has led me to go and sit and be with them regularly, once a week and once a fortnight respectively as I’m able to when I’m home. This we’ve done since January. I’ve probably been blessed more by doing this than they have as well!

But we may never know just how important this is to people.

A few months back I was sitting at the home of one couple, with a lot of other people there also. I was sat across from Jean (not her real name) as she was in conversation with someone else, and she turned to me and said, “You will still come and see us, won’t you?” I had no idea how much a visit for a cup of tea for a couple of hours once a fortnight meant to them.

We’ve walked through some horrible things this past year and a half together. And God has been faithful to them. And that’s when he said to me, “As I am faithful, so you must be faithful to others.”

There are others who I’ve said I’ll be in touch with and he has reminded me and told me what to say in a message. Others who I’ve promised to call, and he has led me to call at just the right moment.

Others I’ve been led to meet with regularly, and he’s prompted me to arrange that. All because Jesus wants to share Life with them.

And then today, he showed me that this isn’t just about being faithful. It is this, that as Christ is, so I must be also.

“Christ in you….”

If Christ is in us, and if we are conscious of this as fact, then everything that he is is within us.

If everything that he is is within us, and we know it, then we are one with him.

And therefore as he is, so we should be to others also!

I began to write down what he is in this way,

“As he is ………, so I must be ……… to others”

These are just a few of the things he is to insert in there; Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Power, Life, Truth. There are more!

And this is the key. I can’t be any of what he is unless it is him in me being who he is!

This phrase came to me while walking. It sums up the oneness that the Father desires with us in Christ.

“As he is, I am.”

That is it, that’s the goal, to know and experience the wonder of the mystery that is “Christ in me, the hope of glory.” To live knowing that “As he is, I am.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let’s each of us live conscious of the Life within us, knowing that “As he is, I am.”

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