As He Is, So I Am (2)

As He Is, So I Am (2)

“Because as the One is, so also we are in this world.” Literal Greek.

(another version says “Because as he is so also are we in this world.”)

I had no idea this phrase existed when the Father was talking to me the other day, showing me that “As He Is, So I Am.” It wasn’t until I found a picture to include in the last post that I realised. I love how these things are confirmed.

So this post is just me thinking through what he has shown me. It might be something relevant, or it might just be something to add to the last one. Or it might be nothing in particular! It is what it is anyway. 😊

You see, Jesus has been talking about the importance of listening to him, knowing him and his voice. And if we are to know him, it is to know him not as he was nor as he will be but as he is. For he has always been and will always be as he is. That’s something to get our heads around!

“Today if you hear his voice.” I may have heard his voice yesterday. Or last week. Or a year ago. Or I may be hopeful I will hear his voice tomorrow, next week or some time in the future. But if it’s all about “as he is.” Have I heard his voice today?

That’s where this phrase is so powerful and profound. “Because as the One IS.”

He has always been Love. And he will always be Love. There is no time that he wasn’t Love. And there is no time that he won’t be Love either. He has always been and will always be “as he is.” For he IS Love! Likewise he has always been and will always be Peace, and so on and so on.

So for us, it’s all about knowing Christ here and now, as he is. It’s not just knowing about the historical Jesus we read of in scripture, but it’s all about knowing the Christ “as he is” today in personal experience.

It’s knowing the One “who is, and was, and is to come.” “Was” and “is to come” highlight his eternality. “Who is” highlights his now-ness. It is Christ as he is that must be our complete focus. We will know the One who was and who will be if we know the One who is.

And it is him as he is, with his very Life flowing through us, who ensures that

“so also we are in this world.”

We are not merely ambassadors for a kingdom, we are those who have become the dwelling place of God and the manifestation of the risen Christ on earth. We have become the dwelling place of the One who is, if we are conscious of that fact, and therefore “as the One is, so also we are in this world.”

Everything that he is, because we know him and are conscious of Christ in us, we are in this world! It’s an incredible and awesome responsibility!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. As the One is, let us be in this world.