Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well? (2)

Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well? (2)

Jesus sits at the well.

He’s about to meet a woman, and reveal to her an incredible mystery. He’s about to reveal to her the mystery that Paul spoke of all those years later; “Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory.”

He says to her,

“If you knew the gift of God…”

He goes on to reveal the gift of God. He himself would become “a spring of living water leaping into life everlasting” in her.

Now to the video above.

This last few days I’ve been led to listen again to this song. There are some things Jesus has been showing me as I listen.

“Hey, can somebody bring me a drink?”

Jesus is looking for Living Water in the woman. He asks her so that he can reveal to her how she can answer the question when others ask her in future; “Please give me a drink.” He asks to bring her into experience of what it will mean for her to be “Christ in me” conscious. He reveals himself as “The Christ” to her, at the same time revealing to her the mystery that would be “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Today he is crying out. He wants to know who is able to supply Living Water; who is conscious of the Life within them so that they can answer the cry “Hey, can somebody bring me a drink?”

“Un-reroute the rivers, let the dammed waters be.”

Jesus is sitting at the well. And he is about to break open the dams that have held this Living Water at bay, in the woman and in mankind. The woman goes to the place she always did, probably every day. A new experience awaits her and life won’t be the same. He is saying “This might be how it is for you. Dammed up, restricted, hindered. But this is how it’s meant to be.” He is about to break down hundreds of years of dams, the thoughts that say “this is how it is, and how it’s always been. One day it might be different. But this is it for now.”

Today there are dams all over the place (my background is a church one, and they are everywhere in the church), restricting where this “Liquid Spirit” can flow. Jesus purpose is to break them down and let dammed water simply “be.” To break down the dams that (as AW Tozer so eloquently put it) mean we “cup it and keep it for ourselves” rather than being conscious of the Life within and letting it flow with it’s full force. He will be in us a spring of living water, leaping up and flowing out. He himself wants to be!

To un-reroute something is to let it flow where it was originally intended to flow. To take away the dams which have re-routed the Living Water, and let it flow to those who are thirsty so that they too might know this “spring of living water leaping into life everlasting.”

“The people are thirsty, cause of man’s unnatural hand.”

Jesus reveals the natural state of Living Water; a spring in you, free, unrestricted, leaping up, flowing out to others, quenching the thirst of the thirsty for good. He reveals the state of many people. Thirsty, drinking but not of Living Water, and remaining thirsty. He reveals what “man’s unnatural hand” has done.

“Man’s unnatural hand” has, at times even with the best intentions and desire to do what’s right, dammed up the flow of Life. At other times there are no best intentions at all, only an intention to control what should naturally be free and flowing.  At times it has meant that it’s hindered the revealing to all of the wonders of this mystery, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

“We gotta catch that Liquid Spirit, that soul, that energy. I want it right here.”

Jesus sits at the well, tired, hungry and thirsty. By the time his disciples return, Jesus is energised having eaten food they had no clue about, and having received a drink from the woman herself. He reveals there really is no other way to live, other than to do the will of the one who sends us, the Father.

The woman too, she wants to catch this energy right here, right now. And boy does she. So much so, she goes and gets the whole town, and brings them to Jesus to drink too. The one leads them all to The One to drink of the Living Water. To have the mystery revealed, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Just to finish, I came across this one too. I can hear Jesus singing this.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let the Liquid Spirit free!

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