Life Goes On

Life Goes On


I’m sat in Dad’s apartment today, he’s gone to Shipley in Yorkshire till Monday. And all of a sudden I realise the significance of today.

It’s been exactly a month today since we were in the apartment, and we were here for the day and night until Mum passed on. It was a blessed day then, and it’s been a blessed month since.

What I can say is that I truly know Jesus has sustained me as the Bread of Life. Not just this last month, but for over a year now since I first knew him as the Bread of Life, the supplier of all my needs and the needs of others.

In this month alone, I have known Jesus going to meet people and leading into situations, and him drawing people to himself.

He has spoken or sent words to people that have been just right for the time. At times I’ve found myself in the right place at the right time despite not knowing why I was going where I was going!

Recently I met with two amazing people, and in talking they said these words:

“Life goes on.”

There is never a truer word that’s been said. You see, I don’t see life as something I live, or something that is given or that is taken away. Life is a person to me. This person is the True Bread of Heaven, sent by the Father to bring Life to the world. This Life I’m receiving daily is ‘Someone.’

He said of himself,

“I am…. The Life.”

“Life goes on” isn’t just a phrase that says things happen and we have to make the best of them, and we trundle on trying to get over the hurdles that appear before us, and some day maybe we will make it and the pain will fade and we’ll be OK.

This Life that I’m talking about is unstoppable. He never stops. He continues to push through circumstances and situations, emotional upheaval and pain, and bring peace and joy and comfort and satisfaction. When it doesn’t make sense to be peaceful, he is peace within. When it doesn’t make sense to be joyful, he is joy within. And so on and so on.

This Life changes the way you think, what you say, how you act (particularly toward others). It’s because it’s no longer you, but the Life who is living through you.

This Life isn’t hurt by others, disappointed, or worried.

This Life isn’t threatened and never feels inferior or rejected. This Life knows that the Father is always with him, and that he will never be alone.

I never plan what I write on this blog. When I’m led to write about what I’m experiencing, I grab my phone and my thumb goes crazy and somehow at the end something of the Life is expressed (hopefully!).

Today, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, and in whatever situation we find ourselves in, this Life is given by the Father to us as the True Bread of Heaven.

He’s the only Life there is.

The picture at the top was one I saw some time back, with the caption “Life will always find a way.” Is this true for you and I? Let it be so.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Receive The Life…. Now!

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