“So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

This has been on my mind since last week, the part about being “alive to God.”

Last Thursday, I finished attending an almost two week trial at Guildford Crown Court. I went with the family of my friend who was murdered last July. I had only planned on going for the first day, but it was clear that Jesus had other plans as the evidence was read out, and other than one day I was able to be with them the whole time. I learnt a lot about people, and a lot about myself. But most important of all, I learnt a lot about Jesus in me. You find out in certain circumstances what you really have of Jesus.

And how little we really understand of what it means when we say,

“In him we live and move and have our being.”

I wrote in the last post, Draw All Men, that Jesus in us will draw people to himself. I am seeing this happen the last couple of weeks. Jesus has drawn people to himself in me, and I have had little to nothing to do with it. I’ve simply done what he’s led me to do. All I have done is sought to be conscious of the fact that “in him we live and move and have our being,” and to be “alive to God.”

This being alive came to me like this:

Let my senses be alive to God in me, in others, and around me. My mind conscious of his thoughts. My words flowing from the consciousness of being alive to him, and what I do a demonstration that I am fully alive to him.

When we receive him as the Daily Bread, we receive him as Life. He supplies all our needs, and he supplies all the needs of others too. “My God will supply all your needs….” When we have that consciousness within us, that our needs are supplied, and all the needs of others are supplied through the Life within us, people are drawn.

It means that this Life is within us, it doesn’t just clothe us outwardly, it is as Paul understood, “no longer I but Christ lives in me.” Jesus will draw people to himself. Our responsibility is to give Jesus as the True Bread and Living Water, to feed those he draws to us. “Feed my sheep.”

Life, THE Life, is attractive. It’s why Jesus had, and has, followers. Jesus Life is attractive. And it must remain so.

While talking with a couple last week about being alive to God, I turned and noticed on their bookshelf a book titled Staying Alive. That is the essential for us all. It is not just becoming alive to God, it is staying alive to God that matters. That’s the Daily Bread in a nutshell. It’s our staying alive to God through our consciousness of the Life within us, daily eating and drinking of True Bread and Living Water. Yesterday’s Bread was for yesterday, to stay alive I need fresh Bread today.

In Jesus, there is nothing else but being alive to God. He is not dead, and he is the most alive person there is! And when we know that he is within, we know that living, moving, speaking, thinking, and doing all flow out of our being in him and him being at home in us. There is nothing else we can be but alive to God when we are conscious of our “being.”

I continue to talk to people about the Daily Bread. It’s simplicity is at times misleading for people. Surely it must be more complicated than this? There must be more to it all than this? But it’s profound importance never ceases to amaze me, and the freedom receiving Jesus as the Daily Bread brings is without question. As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve known people spend as little as 10 mins eating of the Daily Bread, but experiencing consciousness of the Life within, and then Jesus drawing others to himself within them in a matter of minutes.

Eat the True Bread, drink the Living Water. Live with a consciousness that

“in him we live and move and have our being,”

and that we can be

“alive to God,”

and most importantly stay alive to him.

One thought on “Alive

  1. If you do a first aid course you will learn to do CPR to the rhythm of “Staying Alive”. It’s as steady as a heartbeat, and we have to keep doing it.


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