Mindful (2)

Mindful (2)

Last year I wrote this post titled ‘Mindful‘.

It’s funny that at this time, I find myself in a similar situation. So many good things have been happening, Jesus has been bearing fruit, and yet last week something came up that seriously tried to steal my peace and confidence in him! It is during these times that the Father will bring to mind a gentle reminder.

I haven’t really eaten too well since last week. Nor have I slept well. That’s exactly how things were last year when I wrote that post. My thoughts, emotions, and feelings have been all over the place. But I am thankful that over the last couple of years I’ve had plenty of opportunity to learn that whilst all those things might be going haywire, at the same time there is a reality in spirit that cannot be shaken. And that there is one sure thing that he has taught me.

“You will keep them in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.”

Yesterday I felt the most un-peaceful. I was awake at 2.30am. I went out in the morning, my day didn’t work out as planned, but that was OK. He took the time to remind me to be mindful again, which I had been doing since last week, but he made the most of it!

You see, as I was saying to someone today, I’ve learnt over time that what I’m feeling might seem real, but compared to him it’s not at all. I’ve learnt that feelings are OK, we’re human. And it’s the beauty of being human that is amazing. We have emotions that he gave us, we experience a variety of feelings, and he gave us the ability for our mind to think too.

But we cannot be ruled by these (sometimes wayward) thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We must come to the understanding that as we keep our minds fixed on him, then he will indeed keep us in perfect peace. It’s a promise. It’s consciousness of Christ in us isn’t it.

Patience is key however.

Sometimes we have to wait. The whirlwind of thoughts/feelings/emotions seems real. We can allow those things to lead us, but they won’t lead us to reality. The reality is Christ in us. And that is what we are to fix on. So that no matter what everything else says, we fix on the Truth, that he himself will keep us in perfect Peace if our mind is stayed on him. We can use those feelings etc to focus on the reality of Christ in us and accept our weakness, and allow him to be himself in us.

Does it all get sorted out the moment we have peace? No! At least not in my experience. Sometimes yes, but on the whole I haven’t found that. The situation often still remains. But our perspective of reality has changed. We know he is the reality. We know that even in the middle of the situation, he himself is peace within us. What is outside of us very often doesn’t change. It is Christ in us who enables us to haveĀ a completely different perspective. It is Christ himself in us who is “the peace that passes understanding”, guarding our hearts and minds as we abide.

You see, the Father isn’t looking for super-heroes, those who are invincible who always have everything together and for whom nothing ever seems to go wrong, or for whom nothing ever stresses them out. At least on the surface… He is looking for those who are willing to be branches, who recognise their need for complete reliance on the Vine for all things. Those who can truly say, “Apart from you I’m not able to be doing anything.”

And there is something amazing in being able to share with others the reality of Christ the True Vine at work in us. How we can honestly say to others that we are feeling un-peaceful, but then reveal that Christ himself is the reality in us, and that we know perfect peace despite the situation. To reveal that, for them too, the same reality is on offer from the Father. That they too can know the Truth of these words;

“You will keep them in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.”

Let’s not forget this wonderful promise, and the person the promise is pointing to who holds so much hope for others in the days we are living in.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Christ be yourself in us today.