In the Midst

In the Midst






I’ve been so challenged by the following question recently,

“Who’s at the well?”

This question came to me following writing Come See a Man. The woman that we read of in John 4 probably went to the well every day, and had done so for many years, if not her whole life. This one particular day, although she didn’t know it, she wasn’t going to the well, but to the man at the well. She was going to Jesus.

You see I realise now that even the structure can provide an element of refreshment.

“Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again”

But it’s not lasting if the man isn’t there. Living water comes from him. Church, relationships, what I say, think, and do. All these have to flow from the man, the one who is the living water, the inner spring. Jesus himself.

And so these verses have also challenged me.

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.”

This gathering is conscious, intentional, and purposeful. For me, it’s not just an assumption that I wear the badge with his name on, and two or three or more others do the same, and therefore he is automatically ‘there’ and we can do what we want and say what we want and it’s all OK. It’s that I’m conscious of him there, within me and within others, of it being his Life and not mine. It is to be intentional in that he is the one that has gathered us in himself, and because of that, he is the one who is central to our gathering. And it is to be purposeful, in that what we do acknowledges that we are present to him and in him.

And finally, this.

This is what he showed me: behold, the Lord was standing beside a wall built with a plumb line, with a plumb line in his hand. And the Lord said to me,“Amos, what do you see?” And I said, “A plumb line.” 

Then the Lord said, “Behold, I am setting a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel; I will never again pass by them”.

“In the midst” means the middle or central part or point. I see this plumb line as being Jesus, running through the centre, and everything needing to be lined up with him as the central point. It means that my life, all that I do, say, or think requires lining up with him centrally. It means that the church needs to have the plumb line marking the central point, Jesus himself. And the activities of the church, well they must be centered on Jesus.

In these days, we must ensure that we can answer the question; Who’s at the well? As mentioned, it’s entirely possible for the well to exist and bring a measure of refreshment, but the man who is the inner spring, Jesus himself, not be there.

Eat the bread, drink the living water. Allow the plumb line of Christ himself to run centrally through you.

One thought on “In the Midst

  1. I love how you take something so deep but communicate it so simply. You always seem to post what I’ve been thinking about and steer me a little deeper still. 🙂


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