Come See a Man

Come See a Man


“Come see a man.”

These are the words of the woman who met Jesus at the well. She says them to the people of the town when she returns to her home.

Her life has changed completely. She met a man, and he has changed everything for her in the space of one conversation. And all she can do is direct people to this man with her words.

She knows this one man is central to making sense of the past, bringing peace in the present, and giving purpose to her future. She knows that what he said is true. “I am.”

Immediately her life and her words become a pointer toward “The Man.”

That morning when she awoke, she prepared and made her way to the well the same way she always did. But today was different. She was destined to meet the man. Every other day she had gone to the well. Today, she went to Jesus.

She used to visit something. Today she met someone. The life sustained from the man-made structure gave way to the Life sustained by the Inner Spring of Living Water.

The impact that this man had on her was profound. The impact this man has on us must be equally profound. He must cause us to say,

“Come see a man….”

We can so easily point to some organisation or group, some structure that we visit on a regular basis that can be good in itself, but the man isn’t there. For lives to change, the man must be there. We must have experienced the man. And we must be impacted to such an extent that we say,

“Come see a man.”

Her return to the structure, to the well that she had visited so often was drastically different. Now she led others not to the well, but to the man. Everything was about the man. There was nothing else, he was central.

For us today, if we are caught up in our structures, our projects, our groups and our creations and achievements, then we have missed the point.

The Man must be there. He must be the reason that we bring people to “the well.” And he must be the reason that, just like the woman, the first words that come out of our mouths must point to him as we say,

“Come see a man.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let your life and your words point to the man.

3 thoughts on “Come See a Man

  1. Very well expressed. Without The Man filling it, we have nothing but an empty shell. Shells are temporary shelters, not the living thing.


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