Soul and Spirit

Soul and Spirit


This week started with the news that a friend of mine had died.

This is a friend I’ve tried to help over a long period of time, and someone who I know that I dearly loved. And that’s not something I easily say of people most of the time. I don’t throw that comment around lightly.

In fact, on Monday of this week I could understand just a little of why Jesus might have wept at the tomb of Lazarus. The circumstances are nothing I could have expected, and that has made this week’s part of the journey an “interesting” one for want of a better word.

Through this week, a busy one so far in many ways, I have experienced mixed emotions at different times. Unexpected and totally at random sometimes.

Now I’m not an overly emotional person. People would probably tell you that! So for me to experience times of tears, or close to it, is not a common occurrence.

But in this I am learning more about oneness with Jesus. And I’ve been learning what this true and Living Word does.

You see, I have been learning since the beginning of the year in a completely new way how to eat of the Bread of Life. What it is, and how, to be one with him.

And then you find yourself in a new place with a new situation to deal with that you’ve not been in before.

The reason I refer to the Living Word is that I am learning how he does just what it says in Hebrews. It says that he is,

“piercing to the division of soul and of spirit”

So this week, my soul, emotions side of things has been saying and experiencing one thing. A bit like a rollercoaster at times.

Yet my experience in spirit is something else. It is Peace in there. This is the division that Jesus brings, a healthy and fruitful division. We must see this division with absolute clarity. God being Spirit, as Norman Grubb says when quoting 1 Thess 5:23, is where he starts and so must we.

We were created with 3 distinct parts in one. So that includes body and soul as well as spirit. And it’s 4 if you make the mind a separate part!

Where we live from is essential. Our body may say one thing. Our soul may say another or the same thing as the body. But if our spirit is one spirit with Jesus himself, there within us is the place of truth, that place of eternal reality.

To fight the body or the soul isn’t going to be particularly successful. I’m learning to let them do what they do without letting them take the lead. To live from the place of spirit, our spirit-in-oneness-with-his-spirit place, will bring the other two parts of us into peace, harmony, truth and Life. We will experience true reality as a whole.

The soul and the emotions cannot rule us. The body can’t rule us. The key is spirit first. We live far too much the other way round at times.

But just like Jesus, let’s also not dismiss them and the part they play. But let’s learn to live from the place of spirit at all times, where his Spirit is one spirit with our spirit. Let’s allow Jesus to do what he does by

“piercing to the division of soul and of spirit”

Let’s eat of the Bread of Life, drink of the Living Water, and live first from our spirit, knowing that the spirit within us is the holding place of the Truth, the Life, of Love and of Peace.

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