The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm


“And the God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet.”

I was thinking this morning about “the God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet.” How he is peace, and how in receiving the gift of the Father, Jesus himself, and living from the life within brings peace in any situation.

I read something in a book a short while back, titled The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer. There is truth in it:

“Most of our problems – and therefore our solutions, our peace of mind – lie within. To hurry around trying to find happiness outside ourselves makes about as much sense as the comical figure in the Islamic parable who, having lost a key in his living room, goes out into the street to look for it because there’s more light there.”

Why else would it be that if we live a life of gratitude we invite “the peace that passes understanding” to guard our hearts and minds as we live in him, and him in us?

Like the eye of the storm, there is a place in any given situation of peace and calm. The eye of the storm is central, in the middle.

If God is in any and every situation, which he is, there is a central place of peace and calm if we can find it. That place is within us if he is within us. So we must look within us, not to ourselves, but to him who is within us, he who is greater in us than the one who is in the world.

We must learn to know peace and to find peace within us in each circumstance. To be people who look for and find his peace. This peace is a great indicator of the Father at work.

Where the Father is, there is peace, because there is Jesus. He is peace! Jesus and the Father are one. Peace comes when we are living from within, where the Father and the Son have made their home in us, when we are living in the knowledge that we are sons and are one with the Father.

The atmosphere of this world is rife with dis-ease. We’re all affected by it, one way or another. These storms of dis-ease whirl around us. Sometimes we’re in them, sometimes not. Sometimes they are in us!

These are the times, as Jean Vanier says, that we must recognise Jesus in our boat in the midst of the storm. Sometimes we may have to invite him in as he walks by. To invite the peace, the calm in the middle of the storm to come and be peace in us amongst the whirling, raging storm.

I also recognise the truth in what he says here too, about these times of storms.

“The sails of our little boats are not filled with the winds of the Spirit. We have to row hard, sometimes against heavy winds of discouragement. Jesus appears to be sleeping in the boat. We must learn to wait for Jesus to wake up and to reveal once again his friendship and his presence to us.”

Whatever it is, we can know that in receiving him who is peace, the gift of the Father, we can know the calm of the eye of the storm within us. This is the gift of the Father to us through his giving of the bread of Life, and the Living Water.

Eat, drink, and live as a son. Know him who is peace living at the centre.

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One thought on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. Today I heard of another group of people who love your blog and are blessed by it. This one is another of great truth and insight. Thankyou


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