Ask the Father

Ask the Father


It’s just dawned on me today how absolutely key to Life this relationship with the Father is. In the book Jesus, The Inner Spring, he devotes a whole chapter to talking about this relationship, the title being “I will be his God and he shall be my son.” I’ve read it. I’ve known it in my head. But last week, and then more so writing about living and asking like a son, something changed for me in experience. I guess we might call it revelation, or a light bulb moment!

I mean, we may know that God is our Father. That is to say we have some understanding, perhaps some intellectual deduction as AW Tozer would put it, that God is our Father. But do we really know, as Jesus knew, that he is my Father and I am his son? And why is it so essential?

Jesus said,

“My Father is giving to you the true bread of heaven.”

I realised it also says,

“God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!””

It’s the Father who gives the Bread of Life. If Life is only in the Bread of Life and the Living Water, and without it “you have no life in you,” then it stands to reason that we must know without doubt that,

“God is my Father and I am his son.”

For it’s the Father who I am asking of when I say, “Give me today the daily bread of Life, Jesus himself.” It’s the Father who gives the Spirit of Jesus to us so that our cry is “Abba! Father!” The cry of complete security, confidence and identity in the Father. And this receiving of the Bread of Life on a daily basis is essential so that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus, the Father always hears and always gives it. To receive the Bread of Life, we receive it from the Father, who gives the true Bread of Heaven. When the Spirit of his Son cries Abba! Father! within us, the Father hears and answers, because he always hears the Son.

In an earthly sense, we might have a father to a certain measure. Or we might have a father in name only. And we might be a son in name only. But to know I have a father through experience, and to know I am a son through experience, it is something else altogether.

And that is what the Father desires for us. That’s what Jesus desires for us, and it’s what the Spirit of the Son desires for us.

I realised the last couple of days how little I asked of the Father. Realising that Jesus said, “Don’t ask me, ask the Father in my name,” I have begun to focus on knowing he is my Father and I am his son, and living like a son and asking like a son. I knew it, but I didn’t, if that makes any sense! I have consciously asked him for the Bread of Life, for the Living Water. And I’ve consciously received from him and thanked him for the Bread of Life and the Living Water.

Let’s each of us receive the Spirit of the Son so that we might cry, “Abba! Father!” And let’s each of us, with confidence, ask the Father for the daily Bread, the Bread of Life, and for the Living Water, Jesus, the Inner Spring.

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