Yesterday I was sitting eating lunch by a pond in town.

After a while I saw ripples stretching out across the pond. At first I thought it must be raining. Then I realised it wasn’t, and l saw fish in the water, creating ripples by breathing. Every bubble they expelled rose to the surface, and these ripples spread out across the pond.

As I watched, I saw two ways of living; two places to live from. The surface of the water was the point the two places joined, the crossing point.

I saw how it’s possible to create ripples from both of these places. From one place, we exert energy to throw something in, or do whatever we can to break the surface, and we create ripples. Whatever we do, there is activity on our part. Activity creates ripples, but they are the ripples of activity. That’s important to note. Yes, they have an influence, but they are the product of activity itself.

When we live in the other place, it is this; that “in him we live and move and have our being.” In this place we create ripples simply through being. There is nothing more to be done. There is nothing more than being and breathing. So, living also creates ripples, these are the ripples of Life! And yes, they have an influence, but this influence is the product of Life himself, the one in whom we live and move and have our being, the one who lives in us and through us.

Just to finish, I thought I’d share this phrase that I read the other day, I saw it when reading Himself by AB Simpson.

“I am all within and all without, and all for ever.”

That is Christ. And that is the consciousness of “Christ in us.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Influence the world around you with ripples of Life!