Found in Him 2

Found in Him 2


So while I was walking this morning, an image came to mind which perfectly highlighted what has been on my mind the last couple of days.

You see, I’m fully aware of the fact that the Father desires to be one with us. I mean, the measures he has gone to just to ensure it’s possible show us how serious he is about being one with those he has created.

Now, you’ve probably all had this thought, or seen it like this. It’s just that today the image excited me, and challenged me again to know what it truly means to be found in him, always.

The image was of a baby in the womb, with the particular focus on the cord.

You see, the baby is in the mother. But that is no use at all unless they are connected and life is flowing. There is a cord, a connection where life and nutrition flows from one to the other. Sever that cord, the baby can’t grow. Without this connection, there is no life and growth.

Without this, there is no life! Doesn’t that remind us of what Jesus said?

“Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.”

The emphasis of Jesus was his desire that we might know the same oneness with the Father as he did. Severed from God and thrust into the world simply through the choice of eating other food, the Father has a way for us to be generated of Spirit, a wonderful and vibrant and dynamic way.

His way and his Life are in Jesus. And Jesus, the connection and the Life flow, the bread of heaven (he is the very nutrition of heaven for us!), is given to us.

Sever that connection, there is no life. Whilst that connection is in place, it’s a guarantee to be found in him.

To be found in him, there must be this connection supplying spiritual nutrition to me. To have this connection supplying spiritual nutrition to me, I must be found in him.

The Father has given his Son, there is a way, a connection, and there is Life and nutrition in Jesus, given to us by the Father.

May we be found in him because of this connection, and may this connection supply us with Life because we are found in him.

Eat the bread of Life, drink the Living Water. Receive Life!