The Fullness of God

The Fullness of God

The Father wants to prove his Son in us. Jesus wants to prove himself in us.

We talked in the last post about our consciousness of Christ in us increasing, and as our consciousness increases, so to does the consciousness of others. Last week Jesus proved that in such wonderful ways.

I know it isn’t me. I do know that as he has been revealed as the True Vine, he also has been proving himself so that it’s not just theory but complete reality.

I mentioned the other week about the lady I met in Camberley. We finally had the opportunity to speak on the phone last week, it had not worked out to be able to meet or speak since that morning till then. I’m not going to share the details of the conversation, as they are personal for her. But I will say that there was a freedom for Jesus to share himself and speak of his reality, sharing words of Spirit and Life. And there was agreement that it was no way a coincidence meeting in Camberley! There is much more he wants to do here.

On Friday night he was busy too. Again, I won’t share the details of the conversation, but again Jesus shared himself in total freedom and reality. Not forced, but simply the Life of the Vine flowing to someone he wants to meet. Someone who he is drawing to himself. The amazing thing is that he is being revealed to people who don’t ‘know’ him, but who are drawn by his reality and by his Life. But they are listening to him, and that is all that matters.

There were so many times last week that his timing was utterly perfect so that he could be revealed to people. The above were two that stood out to me. It is now sinking in that simply being conscious of Christ in us, and being the branch he chooses us to be is all that he needs to prove himself to others! I had so many potentially frustrating things happen through the week, and yet I knew that other things wouldn’t have happened, or I wouldn’t have been free if people hadn’t cancelled or not showed up. We’re told that all things work together for good for those who love him. I would say that all things work together for good for those who abide in union with him!

And that is it, it has to be him and only him. How can we be frustrated when we abide in him and him in us? When we are simply resting and remaining in him? When our consciousness is that Christ in us is all?

Jesus said “If you knew the gift of God”, and who he was we would ask and we would receive from the Father. Why have I spent so much time chasing after what I think I am lacking, when I need only recognise that the Father has given everything in his Son?

Perhaps we are running around here, there and everywhere, chasing after the things that we think we lack, rather than receiving Jesus himself, accepting as fact that he has made his home in us, and that as we abide as branches of the True Vine, he is more than capable of sharing his Life through us with others! And he really wants to as well!

This rest is available today and every day. To rest and remain in union, and for him to do what he wants to do through us as branches. He wants to be proved! He wants to be revealed. And above all, he really wants to be real to people!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Rest. Remain. Be conscious.