Fruit (2)

Fruit (2)


“You do not choose me but I choose you and I appoint you that you may go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit would remain.”

This is a wonderful statement that Jesus makes. There is much in it for us today. It is not that we choose him, but he chooses us and appoints us to bring forth fruit!

We know that the fruit comes from the Life that flows from him and through us. We know that because he said apart from him we can do nothing.

But he needs branches! The vine needs branches to bear fruit, and this is the wonderful thing for us. He chooses those who abide in him to be branches and to bear fruit, so that the fruit will remain.

And Jesus says another thing which is very relevant for us.

“By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.”

Jesus always glorified his Father. He didn’t glorify himself, that was left to his Father to do. Everything he did he pointed to the Father, explaining that he didn’t do anything unless he saw the Father doing it.

We live in times when we should stop talking about I, or we in the sense of a collective group of people. When we should stop building our kingdoms and our “ministries” and be fully focused on being conscious of “Christ in us” and being branches. We should be talking about my, or at the very least, our Father. He is to be glorified, not us!

This week the Father has orchestrated 5 what I would call very clear divine moments. There have been others, but 5 in particular stand out through the week. Four of these have been in person, one by message. Two of these I was sent to a well known establishment to get a drink! This establishment I remember was once referred to as “the land of the golden arches.” It’s like sitting at the well.

Both of those moments I met someone who Jesus wanted to give daily Bread to.

Yesterday having been sat there for half an hour, a guy walked up and said, “I’m really finding things difficult at the moment.” We’d never met before, and it turned out Jesus wanted to share Life with him. This guy is searching for Jesus and, in his words, he has “never found him.” We are meeting again on Tuesday morning.

As we live and move and have our being in Jesus, with the consciousness of “Christ in us”, Jesus will draw people to himself, in us.

There was much in the Father reminding me at the beginning of this week “Christ in you. Slow down!” We must remember our place. He is the vine, we are the branches. As I’ve said before, no Jesus, no fruit!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let Christ in you bring forth fruit that remains.