Do Your Best With What You Have (2)

Do Your Best With What You Have (2)

“Yet this he (Jesus) said trying him, for he was aware what he was about to be doing.”

I want to pick up from the last post, where I touched on being content with what we have and not being frustrated and focused on what we don’t have. That is doing our best with what we have, where we are.

It strikes me that there are two really important things for us to understand about Jesus as he faces this (to the disciples) seemingly impossible task of feeding five thousand people.

The first is identity. Jesus knows who he is. We all know that Jesus knows he is the Son of the Father. We all know that someone else tried to drag him away and sow doubt about his identity over 40 days and nights in the wilderness, before he even began to fulfil his earthly purpose. “If you are the Son of God…….” Jesus held to his plumb line, and trusted our Father that he is who the Father says he is; The Son of God. And so the miracle of feeding all these people reveals to them who he is to them, that he is the Bread of Life. I imagine as he held the bread and broke it, he is communicating with the Father and he is saying, “What I’m doing is but a shadow. This bread I hold is but a shadow. But this is who I am. I am the Bread of Life.”

The second is his calling, or purpose. He knows what he is meant to be doing because he knows who he is. Jesus knows that he is meant to be feeding people, with himself. Not physically, although that is what he does here. But spiritually. Eternal, Living Bread for the Spirit.

The simplicity of these two things takes Jesus to all sorts of people. Everyone who is hungry and who receives him is fed. The receiving is important. We find all the time people who don’t want to eat the Bread that we are offering. That’s OK, as we know, there is no force feeding anyone.

My weekend away in March (click HERE to read about it) has simplified a lot of things for me. One was the reminder of who I am. I am a son of the Father! That is amazing.

The second is the calling, the purpose the Father has given me. “Feed my sheep.” With what? Not what, but who. With Jesus himself. The revelation of Christ in me as the Bread of Life has grown brighter again. I am more than aware of the purpose he has given me. Feed people with the Bread of Life! It’s so brilliantly simple.

I mentioned that a few days after that weekend, Father was opening up opportunities to share the Bread of Life with others. My goodness how that has accelerated in the weeks following! And continues to do so.

The John 4 effect is in full flow. Meeting the ones who in turn draw others to Jesus. And those others are hungry and thirsty for Life too. For the Bread of Life himself! I am finding that in a short time they are fully aware that they have been drawn for a reason. Every person says that. “I know we met for a reason.” The reason is for them to receive Living Bread.

Jesus has before him five loaves and two fish. It seems pitiful to some. How does this feed all these people? But he knows what he is about to do. He knows what he is about to do because he knows who he is. The Son of the Father. He knows his purpose. He knows he has been sent to feed people with himself, because he is the Bread of Life.

I was talking with someone yesterday. We spoke about gifts. We ended by speaking about The Gift. For there is only one gift, in whom the fullness of God dwells. When we know The Gift within us, we can have confidence that we are simply sharing Living Bread with others. It’s very simple. Some try to give the whole loaf and wonder why people end up shying away because it’s too much. The people didn’t eat all the food that day. There were 12 baskets left over! People don’t need the whole loaf now! Feed each with Jesus as he leads you to, until they need no more, and he will multiply himself within them as he desires. With some it may be a crumb. Or a small piece. With others it may be half a loaf! Whatever they need Jesus will give of himself through us. And we can rest assured that he will multiply. He cannot but multiply!

Keep going. Keep feeding those who Father is drawing to Christ in us.

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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