The Man On The Bench (4a)

The Man On The Bench (4a)

“Will you come and find me like you come to find Philip? I really need someone to do that for me.”

Short post coming up. 🙂

You need to read this, The Man On The Bench (4), for this to make sense.

So this morning I dropped in to Mcdonald’s in Farnborough to see the staff in there. I do that as and when I can since I was meeting Jack in there and them asking me to keeping going in to see them.

I wasn’t going to go but felt like I should as I walked.

Walked in, ordered a hot drink, looked across and I see a guy sitting down across the way. It’s George!

I walked over and said, “I told you I’d find you!” He was a bit surprised, pleasantly so, as he has been in Aldershot so far. I sat down and we talked. Father working.

Isn’t that just how Father is?

He wants us to know how he prepares everything for us.

And he wants them to know he’s going to follow up his word and be faithful.

And he wants them to know that he’s listening and that he’s taking them at their word too. “You want to be found? OK, I’ll show you I will find you.”

I love that. Father is faithful.

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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