My Food (2)

My Food (2)

“My food is to do the will of him who sent me.”

When I wrote the original post, My Food, I know that I could not have seen ahead to what that would really mean for me (and for others).

Since the 1st of January Life has exploded outward. In a good way. It is quite overwhelming and difficult to keep track of all that’s happening!

And yet at the same time I am surrounded by giants (thank you Sarah) that seek to take the focus off the “food” and on to themselves. To distract from the simplicity of what Jesus has said, “Feed my sheep.”

Father reminded me again today of the words that Jesus speaks. As an aside, I really do feel so strongly that we have to take Jesus at his word not by what he said (that we can read of in scripture) but what he is saying. He is still speaking his words to us. Right now! Last week I was sat with someone on a bench in Aldershot for just under an hour and a half. This bench is now Jesus bench I think. And this man sits there because Jesus wants to meet him there. It was cold out, but there was so much Life in our conversation that kept us warm I think! I only noticed the cold when I got up to walk home. 🙂

Something happened as we spoke. The words of Jesus are as much Spirit and Life today as when he spoke them from his lips 2000+ years ago. And he IS speaking them, not just did speak them. We won’t grasp the truth if we see his words as what he once said. We will grasp the truth if we hear him saying them, here and now.

Jesus speaks these words to the man on the bench, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” It was not cold when Jesus spoke them last week! As the mans demeanour, or countenance changed, he received what Jesus is saying to him. We met again yesterday. He was reminded of the words that Jesus is speaking to him. He has also been reading them and saying, “Apart from you I can do nothing.” But he expanded on them himself. He said to me, “Apart from him I am nothing!” That’ll work.

That was a longer than expected aside….

And so, I hear the words of Jesus clearly again today. “My food is to do the will of him who sent me.” There is a challenge. Do I see this food? Do I see the food that is the will of the Father? Or am I distracted by the giants that are around?

There is no easy way to say this. There will be giants around for those who do the will of the Father. It comes with the territory. In one sense, my giants have seemed to get bigger the last 2 years since Jesus said “Feed my sheep.” Sometimes the giants make a whole lot of noise. Sometimes they just stand there threateningly. And yet at the same time, my trust in him has multiplied too. Sometimes I get distracted by the giants. Life doesn’t flow quite the same way. But then Father reveals his Son in me as Peace.

He wants to know if I’ll be obedient to the end. I’m determined not to let him down. Nothing Jesus is doing through this ‘branch’ makes any sense in a worldly way. But it makes total sense in a “I won’t take my focus from you Father” way. It’s surprising how worldly we can be at times. We think with our head rather than ‘feel’ with our spirit. To throw aside your ego, your abilities, your plans, the approval of others, to count everything as loss for the worth of knowing Christ Jesus, and to launch yourself into trusting Father no matter what is around you, that is what Father is seeking. Is it possible that is an element of true worship?

We know that we’re being encouraged to ask Father continually. “Father, reveal your Son in me afresh.” His Son in us is all about doing the will of the Father. That is the food he thrives on. It must be the food we thrive on. It must be all or nothing. There are no half measures of doing the will of the Father. When that is your food, you need that to live! I must do the will of the Father to live! How amazing is that.

The simplicity of Jesus means that he is saying such things as “Feed my sheep.” And when he does, he doesn’t really say how he wants them to be fed. The feeding is easy. It is with Jesus himself. We share Jesus himself, and the Living Bread in us becomes Living Bread in others. And others. And others. And so on as multiplication takes place.

I can’t put into words all that Jesus is doing. I’ve given up trying. It has to be seen, or grasped in the Spirit. But what I do know is this.

“My food is to do the will of him who sent me.”

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

One thought on “My Food (2)

  1. beautiful. again. No wonder you’re full!
    I’m reminded of this I wrote a while ago
    10 spies gave a report on how large the challenges were- so gigantic it was not possible to possess the land.  Joshua and Caleb gave a BIGGER report on their confidence in God  – that He would do what He had promised.  They had a large understanding of who God was. They had a huge confidence  that God was good.

    Everything in the promised land is meant to be large and oversized but it starts when we rest securely in a magnified awareness of who Jesus is.  When He is the main focus taking up the way we view things our gratitude is larger; our love flows greater; our relationships are more meaningful and our blessings manifest because His kingdom is appearing. 

    The promised land is the presence of Jesus living like the truth was true.  We’re seeing Jesus reveal who He is to us more and more. No wonder the external manna stops falling after crossing over because they are fed the inner food of Jesus Himself

    There are no giants of lack or circumstance that limit us, no  illness that binds us when our eyes are open to see the huge gift that is Jesus. 

    You’re living that Pete


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