The Simplicity of Jesus

The Simplicity of Jesus

I’ve been mulling over writing something for a while. So much has happened in the last couple of months. I could say so much. And yet at the same time I’ve been struggling with the limitation of words to explain just what it is Jesus wants to say. After all, that is what matters isn’t it. Not me saying something, but him.

Then today, I got it. 🙂

The other evening, I was watching something on TV. And I heard this:

“Finding the truth can be simple. It’s accepting the simplicity that can be hard.”

Immediately I was reminded of Father’s words to me some time back, expanded on by my Jesus connected brother John.

“Keep simplifying everything until all you have is Jesus.”

The simplicity of Jesus is amazing. At the end of November/beginning of December I went to San Francisco for a week. I went with a different frame of mind to how I think I went in the past. I think in the past I went with a mindset of ‘doing.’ That was OK for those other times. But this time I knew it was about ‘being.’ It was clearly shown to me that first and foremost this was a time of being. Refreshing and recharging for me the first couple of days, and then simply being the branch he has chosen me to be. He showed me that out of my being would flow what Jesus wanted to do.

I have been to San Francisco and the Bay Area a lot since my first visit in October 2000. Freddie and I were thinking it over while I was staying at his place, and we reckon it’s in the late 20’s/early 30’s in terms of number of visits. And I can honestly say that this was the the most profound visit of all of them for me. And there have been many profound visits in the past.

It was profound in the sense of what Father showed me and said to me, and profound in the sense of all that Jesus did in a week. And yet it came not from planning and doing, but being. The simplicity of Jesus himself and remaining in him and him in me. The simplicity that Jesus has been revealing to me for the last 3 years now, he reminded me of whilst I was there. And he did there what he does here! Drawing people to himself. Or himself to them. Or both. 🙂

What Jesus did is perhaps for another post if he wants to talk about it. I mention it though because it was all so very simple. The simplicity of being.

“Finding the truth can be simple. It’s accepting the simplicity that can be hard.” I think this is a good description of how it is with Jesus and what he reveals about himself. For many of us, it’s not the truth that’s the issue. It’s accepting the simplicity of the truth. Our default to complicate things (perhaps to over-complicate them!) is amazing to me. And that’s just in every day life. Our ability to complicate Jesus and what he says about himself is equally amazing to me. To strip everything back and simplify everything until all we have is himself, and what he says about himself, then we live with the simplicity of being. Remaining in him and him in us, chosen as a branch of the True Vine through whom Life himself flows and bears fruit.

This simplicity is fruitful. This way of living doesn’t fit with cultural expectations or worldly ways of ‘doing’ things. It doesn’t fit with religion. It is Life. That is the simplicity of Jesus. “I came that they may be having life, and super-abundantly they may be having it.”

But there are many who do get it. And they are seeing how this simplicity of Life bears fruit through them as they remain as branches of the Vine.

All that happened in San Francisco I believe was preparation for what the Father wanted to do after. There has been an increase in what Jesus is doing, and particularly this week. Whether it’s reconnecting with someone not seen for a few years, someone who Jesus drew to himself way back then, and now Jesus is sharing himself so openly as if there was never a disconnection. And then, straight after that, meeting someone else who Jesus has been drawing to himself the last couple of months, and sitting for an hour and a half on a bench in the cold and Jesus sharing himself and specifically speaking the words “Apart from me you can do nothing,” and this person coming alive when they heard them and telling me so.

Whether it’s someone in a dire situation whose New Year hasn’t been a happy or easy one, in fact an incredibly painful one and who’s looking for hope for the weeks and months ahead; but Jesus sharing himself as Peace. Or the simplicity of someone Jesus is reminding that it’s about knowing consciously in experience the Living Christ within us.

What Jesus is doing is so simple and beautiful. I’ve probably said it before. Life transcends boxes, formulas, theories, organisations and plans. He, in his simplicity, is Life. And Life cannot be contained. Life must be free to flow. He wants to be free to flow.

So many things are trying to complicate this simplicity. For me and for others. But I’ve known in a fresh way this week the Peace that doesn’t make sense in the circumstances that surround me. But the circumstances don’t determine the Life of the Christ within me. They are seeking to be a distraction to the call of Jesus. “Feed my sheep.” Jesus voice is loud and strong though.

Let’s accept the simplicity of Jesus. He doesn’t just work in mysterious ways. I think he works in simple ways too.

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

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