Present (2)

Present (2)


“Father, reveal your Son in me today.”

There’s a reality in that isn’t there? At least for me there is. I love it’s simplicity. That is me all over. Simple! I don’t like confusion or complication.

I don’t have to think about what that means, or what might happen. Or what I have to do to ‘get it!’ It is that in asking Father to reveal his Son in me, I’m asking him to reveal Jesus as he is. I’m asking him to do what he delights to do. That is something we must never forget. It’s a heart prayer that Father delights in answering. Why?

Because it’s not about us, it’s all about the One. This is Jesus, the present One. The One revealed in us so that “As he is, so also are we in this world.”

As I was walking today, I was reminded that Father says to us, “This is my Son, my Chosen One; listen to him!” It’s not that Father said it. It’s that he is saying it, to us. He wants us to hear afresh today from his Son. What does he want us to hear?

Well, he wants us to hear his Son revealing who and what he is on an ongoing basis. Is it possible that Jesus will reveal himself to us, just as he did with his disciples? Absolutely it is! It’s not just possible either. It’s essential that Christ is revealed in us in each and every moment. And how does he do this? It is in the Spirit. It is the person of Jesus, the present One, bearing witness with our spirit directly that he is who he says he is, and what he says he is. And that he and the Father have made their home in us.

It’s not a conditioning that takes place from confessing until we have got it.  I’ve been there and done that. I did that for so long! I’ve taken scripture and confessed it over and over and thought I believed it. I’ve confessed it until I was convinced I knew it as reality. But that wasn’t enough. It’s only in hindsight that I see how far short that really was for me. It just wasn’t the reality of Jesus himself in me. It was the theory about the person of Jesus. But it wasn’t the present Jesus himself.

It was only when a real, living experience of the person of Jesus took place for me that I knew everything had changed. One that was Spirit to spirit as I walked between two towns one day and Jesus said to me “I am the Bread of Life.” Does that make sense? He actually said to ME, “I am the Bread of Life”! He actually spoke words of Spirit and Life into my spirit, and changed everything. Father revealed Christ in me. And since then he has shown me how to feed others with himself. He is the Bread of Life in me. And because I know he is the Bread of Life in me, I know that he is for sharing. It’s a beautifully relational, ongoing experience of Jesus himself.

I see the Bread of Life multiplying too. Even yesterday evening, I had the privilege of listening to someone talk about Christ in them, the change that has made, and the importance of sharing him with others. When we share Jesus himself, there is always multiplication.

It is that moment when you realise, that just as Jesus says (note present tense), “You are searching the writings supposing that in them you are having life eternal; and those are testifying about me. And you are not willing to be coming to me that you might be having life.” You know that nothing else will satisfy other than Jesus himself. No song, no music, no book, no church meeting. No prayer time or quiet time, no other person, and no scriptures can replace knowing Jesus himself, and Father revealing his Son in us.

This is the reality we enter into of Father delighting to reveal his Son in us. That direct experience in spirit, Father revealing his Son; “This is my Son, my chosen One; listen to him!” With every “I am….”, it is Jesus revealing to us in our spirit that he is in reality all that he says he is.

And with each new day. and each uttering of the phrase, “Father, reveal your Son in me,” there is a freshness that we experience of the presence of Christ in us. Again and again, Jesus will say to us, “I am……..” Do you and I hear him say those words throughout each day? We should do if we are consciously aware of the Life within, and listening intently to the voice of the Shepherd.

May each of us continue to ask the Father to reveal his Son in us in any situation, in any circumstance. To desire but one thing, for Christ to be continually revealed in us and the Father to be glorified as we bear fruit as branches of the Vine.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water.

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