Remember Me (2)

Remember Me (2)

“Be doing this in remembrance of me.”

On Sunday these words came back to me with a sense of significance. I had the opportunity to share what the Father had been showing me with others.

I’ve written before about these words of Jesus. You can find that post by clicking here.

Some of this will serve simply as a reminder, with hopefully some freshness thrown in!

In saying these words, Jesus opens up a whole new viewpoint to his disciples. For it’s not just in the physical eating and drinking of the bread and wine that we remember. It is in our spiritual eating and drinking of Jesus himself that we remember too. Our eyes are opened to who, and what, he is.

We must also note that we are not remembering someone in the past tense. We can often think of remembering being something relating to the past. An experience, a certain time, or a person who has passed on.

But no, we aren’t remembering a past Jesus. We remember the present Jesus. We are remembering the One who is, who was, and who is to come. But first he is! We are remembering Jesus himself, present in us.

And so, Jesus doesn’t encourage his disciples to remember what he had done, or what he was about to do. That is a part of it all. We mustn’t forget all that Jesus did for us. But Jesus encourages them, and he encourages us; “Remember ME.”

This is a big step for the disciples. And it can be a big step for us too. As we eat and drink, could Jesus be saying, “Remember me. Remember who I am. Remember all that I am”?

Just as we’ve been realizing that our doing is a direct result of our being, so I think Jesus shows perfectly how to ‘be.’ His doing is a direct result of his being, of who and what he is. And John points to the person of Jesus as of the utmost importance. He reveals exactly who Jesus is, and who and what Jesus himself says he is. It is all about Jesus himself for John. It must be all about Jesus himself for us.

And so, when the disciples eat the bread and drink the wine, they are remembering Jesus himself. That was his encouragement to them. Every word of truth, of Spirit and Life he speaks revealing himself resonates within them.

“Yes! You are the resurrection and the Life!”

Another might respond, “Yes! You are the Light of the world.”

And yet another “You are the Bread of Life, the True Bread given by the Father.”

And so on….

As we eat and drink of the bread and wine, may we remember Jesus himself. May we be reminded today of who and what Jesus himself is. As he so eloquently said to the woman at the well, he also says to us. “The one speaking to you, I am.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water.

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