As He Is, So I Am (3)

As He Is, So I Am (3)

“For in him you are living, and moving, and you ‘are’.” (Literal Greek.)

Father has such a beautiful way of reminding us of the simple things doesn’t he. The lives we lead have a tendency to get complicated very quickly. They have a tendency to stay complicated if we allow them to as well!

And yet I’m convinced that in the complication, Father is seeking to remind us again of the simplicity of his Son, and the Life that is experienced when we remain. He is seeking to draw us once again to ‘”Be still, and know.”

For the last couple of weeks I’ve had the phrase “Out of your being” in mind. You see, last year, I started with Father saying “learn to be.” But it’s very easy to get distracted from being isn’t it? To be focused on what we are, or aren’t doing. I think the hardest times are when we think we should be doing something, but we’re not. Perhaps those are the times we should be conscious of ‘being’ most of all? Those are wonderful gifts of time that the Father provides to aid our consciousness I think. To prepare us for something up ahead. Stress, anxiety and worry are not productive means of expressing the Life of Jesus. And yet we don’t find it easy doing (apparently) nothing.

This morning that phrase “out of your being” was in mind again. And I was led to the literal Greek translation to find the phrase I mentioned at the beginning of this post. “In him you are living, and moving, and you ‘are’.”

You are what? Well, “I am.” I don’t need to know what. I don’t even need to know who. I just need to be conscious that ‘I am’. In him. As I was thanking Father for showing me that, he flipped it back round on me, and said this;

“In you he is living, and moving, and he ‘is’.”

This is the beauty of oneness that he reveals to us. When we put those two revelations from the Father together (for that is what they are for me), this is Father revealing our oneness with Christ to us.

“For in him you are living, and moving, and you ‘are’; in you he is living, and moving, and he ‘is’.”

This is living a life of remaining, just as Jesus continually chooses us and invites us to do. This is The Life, the True Vine, being in us and us in him. This is trusting that even in those times when we are seemingly doing nothing, we are doing all we need if we remain. That we live knowing without doubt that the only important thing in this whole entire universe is to remain in him and him in us. That’s quite something to say I know. That doesn’t fit in most cultures in this world. But it is this remaining that enables the Life of the Vine to flow, and opens us up for Life to flow to others.

I’m reminded again of some time ago when talking with someone, and Father said “Stop trying to find out who you are in Christ. Find out who Christ is in you.” We are, because he is. There’s the wonderful simplicity again. We must never lose our awareness of that.

If life for you has become too complicated, too noisy, or too distracting, or if you have been overcome by doing and you’ve lost consciousness of the Life within you, start afresh with the simplicity of Father revealing this to you today;

“For in him you are living, and moving, and you ‘are’; and in you he is living, and moving, and he ‘is’.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. You are, he is!

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