Revealed (3)

Revealed (3)

“Father, reveal your Son in me today.”

This has been something of a necessity for me to ask the last few weeks. But I continue to learn how essential this abiding life is.

I used to see it that Father needed to reveal his Son in us afresh, but that it was a one off revealing. That’s changed for me. I’ve mentioned before that I start my day by saying,

“Father, I thank you that you give your Son, The Bread of Life, for all my needs and the needs of others. I receive him afresh today.”

The last few weeks I’ve added the above phrase on a daily basis. And also throughout the day. “Father, reveal your Son in me now.” It’s because I recognise how essential it is for the Father to reveal Christ in me. To me, and to others. This utter dependence on Christ is not just a way to live. It is THE way to live. It is not about anything that I have or anything that I am. It is all about who and what he is. It is all about Father revealing his Son in us.

People don’t need to see me. They need to see Jesus. They need to meet him. They need his Life, not mine. Yes, in our oneness his Life is my Life. But it’s his Life that changes people. It’s he himself who is Life, Peace, Joy, Light, Love. It’s he himself who is all.

When facing a new situation or meeting someone new, I am asking “Father, reveal your Son in me.” But I’m also starting to ask him to do just that at any time. If I’ve met people before, “Father, reveal your Son in me.” He needs to be revealed in me. Not just to me, but to them. It has to be about Christ alone. Father revealing the Source, the answer in us.

It’s beautiful to see people coming to the realisation that, for years (some for decades), they have lived with a concept of God with us. The concept that Christ is with us, that he loves us, and that he walks with us is a good one. As AW Tozer said it’s better than not believing in God at all. But it’s not the fullness of Life that Jesus offers us, and that the Father longs to reveal in us. But suddenly these people are seeing that there is more than that way of living. There is so much more than ‘God with us.’ There is this abiding life, this oneness with Christ himself. There is simply Christ in us, revealing himself and revealing the Father to others. When our eyes are opened and we become aware that the only way is to be conscious of Christ within, there’s a response to make. You can’t continue to live with the ‘God with us’ concept at that point. The fullness of the Father’s gift is Christ revealed in us.

We’ve recognised before that Father delights to reveal his Son in us. What do you think it sounds like to the Father when we say to him, “Father, reveal your Son in me”? Can you imagine what that sounds like to the Father? Can you imagine how excited he gets to hear his children ask that? He delights to do it, he delights to hear us say that to him! He hears that request and he says, “Yes! I can do that! And I will! I want to. I need to. That is how people meet my Son, Life himself dwelling in you.”

Father delights to expand our consciousness to know this one thing. “Christ in me.” He delights to reveal to us who and what his Son is in us. Say it today. Say it with all your heart. If you’re not satisfied with the ‘God with us’ life, and you know that he has shown you there is much more and that the Life he offers leads to an abiding life, then ask him today. And continue to ask him. Tomorrow, the next day. Through each day, continue to ask him. As you come to each new situation, or as you meet each person you cross paths with. Ask him. He will be delighted to do it!

“Father, reveal your Son in me now.”

Eat the Bread. Drink the Living Water. Ask him!

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