Whatever He Tells You (2)

Whatever He Tells You (2)

I love how when he talks to us about himself, he doesn’t just want us to know in theory, but he really wants us to experience him. The other day I wrote this post, titled Whatever He Tells You.

So, a couple of weeks back, I booked our car in to Martin’s garage in Camberley, about 15-20 mins away from home. Ours was one of the cars on the emissions recall list. It had to go in, the work is free, so that was fine! I booked the car in for today.

On Monday I was chatting with a friend, and we agreed to meet up to talk face to face. The garage is not far from where they live, so we agreed to meet at a coffee shop just over the road from the garage at 10.30am.

I got there a bit early and sat down to wait. While I’m waiting, a woman walks in front of my table, and sits at the table next to me, and I immediately recognise her. She was sitting in the entrance to Frimley Park hospital in December when I went to visit someone else in there. She was clearly upset at that time, and I felt like I should ask her if she was OK, but at the same time didn’t want to intrude.

I knew instantly today that Jesus had something to say. I asked, “Excuse me, were you sitting in the entrance at Frimley Park Hospital in December?” Yes, she was. I remembered her clearly. The conversation opened up, the details of which aren’t important. The only thing I will say is we had both had the same experience in the last year, her more recently, one that makes a connection.

And I learnt this. Jesus is more than capable of orchestrating a situation to draw people to himself who he wants to meet through us. I don’t at all believe in coincidences when it comes to Jesus at work. I’m finding too often that things happen that aren’t coincidental.

I would not normally be in Camberley. I rarely visit Camberley. Now, I’m not saying Jesus orchestrated the emissions recall affecting our car just to meet one person! But he does work all things together for good for those who love him. And so the date that I was given at the garage to rectify the problem was today. I chose 10.30am.

I was planning on going into the town centre until I arranged on Monday to meet my friend in the coffee shop across the road from the garage. I was early and picked the table (or did I??).

And then, in orchestrating me to be in the right place at the right time, he gives me another chance to ask what he first wanted to ask her in December. He gives another chance to make a connection and meet someone who he wants to meet. That is what being a branch is about. Simply abiding, remaining in him and him in us, and letting him do what he wants to do. It’s amazing what he can do if we are simply the bit of wood that he chooses us to be!

And if you are the woman I met and gave the card to this morning and you have ended up here reading this now, please know that this isn’t about religion or church or anything like that. It’s simply about someone who noticed you sat in the entrance to a hospital and simply wanted to ask “Are you OK?”, and who wants you to know real Peace.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Do whatever he says whenever he says it!

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