Who knew?? Well, He Did….

Who knew?? Well, He Did….

Jesus lifts up his eyes and sees that a large crowd is coming toward him.

They have followed him up into a mountain, and he is stirred with compassion to feed them.

“Where shall we buy bread that these may eat?”

And then we are told this.

“Yet he had perceived what he was about to be doing.”

This is wonderful. Yes, he may test us with the first question. He may ask us, “How can we feed this person?” Or “Where can we get what we need to feed them?”

But he has revealed to us that he knows what he’s about to be doing too! He knows what is needed. He knows the supply, for he himself is the supply.

How can we not wholeheartedly trust the One who always knows what he’s about to be doing? The One who knows just how to feed everyone? No-one misses out when Jesus feeds. There is supply for all, and more than enough.

And this, for us, is marvellous as branches of the Vine. Something the Father said last night has stuck with me today. It was this.

“Keep simplifying until all you have is Jesus.”

When everything seems complicated, we can easily forget that there is One who knows what he is about to be doing. He knows exactly how he will feed us. And he knows exactly how he will feed others. When we unpick the complication, set aside the unnecessary additions and extra baggage we have collected, and we simplify everything as far down as is possible, there is Jesus.

Trust can be big issue. It’s understandable, so many have failed us, we’ve been let down so many times. And yet we find it hard to trust the One who is perfectly faithful, and who hasn’t let down anyone since the beginning. Do we know that? There is not anyone, ever, who has been let down. And there will never be anyone who is let down by this One. He is perfectly faithful in all his ways.

Do I, as a branch of the Vine, need to know everything? No. A branch is simply in the right place. Always. The branch is in the Vine and the Vine is in the branch. I’m not sure it’s even about trust really, is it? I think it goes beyond trust. It’s simply about being. Being goes beyond trust. Being simply is. “I am.”

When we open ourselves to the One, I think we are automatically opened to others. Abiding signifies Life flow, from the Source, through us, to others.

And isn’t this amazing? “Yet he had perceived what he was about to be doing.” He perceives that in any given situation, as he has fed us with himself, that he will in turn feed others with himself through us!

He has already seen what he is about to be doing through us!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Go beyond trust. Be!

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