This week Jesus has been saying to me, “Go back to the beginning.” When he says this, I know exactly what he means.
The beginning for me is when the Father revealed Christ in me as the Bread of Life. My beginning is two years ago. Beginnings are a foundation, and when the Father reveals Christ in us, that is a new beginning and the foundation to build upon. Not A foundation, but THE foundation. That is what Jesus said to Peter after he had declared who Jesus was.

“On this rock I will build…”

The revelation of Jesus from the Father is the rock.

And so I’ve re-focused on the simplicity of Christ in me, the Bread of Life this week. It’s not that I had lost that, but I’ve been aware of many other things seeking to distract me from knowing him in such simplicity, literally eating of him as the Source of all Life.

This revealing of Christ in us by the Father is foundational for each of us. It’s foundational for each of us individually, and it’s foundational for a collective group of people who are joined together by Jesus. This revelation from the Father is what Jesus builds on in us.

It was said to me this week, “Hold true to what the Father has given you.” That is exactly it. What he has given me is Christ in me, the Bread of Life. I realise that I could speak of Christ in me, the Bread of Life for the rest of my earthly days, and still only scratch the surface of what that really means for me and for others. And yet, speaking is not enough. He wants to be my only experience, he himself as the True Bread of Life. He wants to be the only Bread I eat. He knows that I need him to be that. I know that I need him to be that too, despite the times I snack on fake bread! I kick myself whenever I’ve eaten anything that is not the True Bread, but with simple love the Father gives Jesus again as fresh bread, and eating of him brings Peace, Life, Love, and all the fullness of Jesus himself in an instant.

He knows that I need him to be that to feed others. And I know that to feed others, there is no other bread other than the True Bread of Life. Unless I eat of him, I have no Life in me.

I love new days. Sunrises fascinate me. For me, they are a wonderful reminder that today is a new day, and today there is fresh Bread from the Father. In his wonderful mercy (always new every morning) and love for us, the Father says “You don’t have to earn this today. You might have eaten of things that weren’t True Bread yesterday. But here for you, today, I am giving you fresh, True Bread. My Son, Jesus.”

If I look back over a week or so, I’m very well aware of bread that is not True that I’ve eaten. But, in simply saying to him today, “Father, I thank you that you are giving Jesus, the True Bread of Life to me. I receive him and eat of him,” that is enough for him to set about feeding me Life and feeding others. And he has been feeding others in the most wonderful way today.

We may all be at different stages of our journey. Some of us may know that the Father has revealed Christ in us afresh, and the personal revelation he has given us. Others of us he may be in the process of revealing him. Some of us may simply be asking the question, “Father, reveal your Son in me.” And there may be others who are curious but haven’t asked the question yet.

Wherever we are on the journey, we can be sure of this. The Father wants to reveal Christ in us. He will if we ask him to. And Jesus himself will build on the revelation from his Father.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Remember the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. It says of Abraham that he found himself where he was at the beginning. Like you I find myself there. Thank you for the reminder


    1. you went with Abraham I thought of T S Eliot and the freshness and renewed wonder of yet so much to discover- “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”


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