Abide (3)

Abide (3)

“Stay in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it stays in the vine, neither can you, unless you stay in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever stays in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

It’s good to dig a little sometimes. One of the meanings of the word abide is


And the original meaning of the word remain is

“To stay”

As any of you who have followed these posts will know, there is an amazing discovery for each one of us to make. It is that the Father desires to reveal Christ in us afresh. Not to us, but in us.

I see that’s what he’s doing in others. The Father is joyful in revealing his Son afresh in those who are learning what it really means to abide.

“Stay in me, and I in you.”

There is at first a choice to stay. Not leaving, not coming and going, but choosing to stay.

To stay is a conscious, active choice. It is a conscious active choice on our part to stay in him. I don’t think this staying is sub-conscious. I’m convinced that this staying, this abiding is conscious and tangible. We will be aware of him in us and us in him! Actually, I don’t think we can be abiding in him and him in us and us not be aware of that.

And this is the most wonderful part! It is a conscious, active choice on his part to stay in us! That is incredible. That he would consciously, actively choose to stay in ‘this.’

Why? Because he knows that those who are willing to be a branch are those willing to be just what they need to be for him to bear fruit. Those who are concerned simply with staying in him, and with him in them. Those who are willing to let the Life of the Vine flow and bear fruit as he wants to.

We may have planned, and strategized, and formulated everything in the past. We may have worked out just how we were going to “bear fruit.” We likely put a lot of energy and effort into bearing fruit and being a success.

And then he reveals to us the simplicity: “You’re a branch. Stay in me, and I in you.”

A branch cannot plan its own success. A branch doesn’t think of its own success. A branch simply stays in the vine.

We no longer seek for the anointing, being filled up when we need to perform mighty exploits for God. We simply and consciously stay in him and him in us. A constant, continual staying. We live not as mighty, powerful vessels filled to the brim, but as simple branches who rely wholly on staying in him and him in us, and who bear no fruit unless his Life flows through us.

We no longer live for what we can get, but we live with the One who is all in us. We stay in the Vine because that is the only place to truly be.

Being a branch may not bring the fame or the glamour of the past. It may not bring the instant success and the numbers we once had. It may not bring the attention that others seem to get. What it will bring is utter dependence upon the Vine and his Life flow. A life lived abiding, staying in him and him in us.

As we learnt in the last post, branches may never be aware of the fruit they are producing. They are only aware of the Vine. They stay in him, and him in them. And fruit from the Vine will remain. Jesus said it would!

May we live as branches of the Vine.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Stay……

2 thoughts on “Abide (3)

  1. From what you have written Pete it is clear that there is a fresh stage of the journey to move from anointing to abiding.


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