“Flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

The other morning I sat quietly to consciously receive Jesus as the Daily Bread from the Father. It has been another week of knowing the need I have for the provision of Life the Father gives in the Son, the True Bread.

As I sat and received him, this came to mind.

“This is not a formula, it’s a revelation.”

This is how we first receive him as the Daily Bread. I’ve been realising in talking to people about Jesus, the Daily Bread, that some people grasp what I’m saying, and some don’t. And that’s OK. At first to receive him as such, it must be through revelation. I could go on and on about the Daily Bread to people (I do anyway). If the Father reveals Jesus as the Daily Bread to them, so be it. That’s between the Father and the person. Maybe someone else’s revelation of Jesus is different to mine. John Anderson, whose book I have appreciated so much, knew Jesus as The Inner Spring. It’s the same Jesus. My Daily Bread, his Inner Spring. But both revealed by the Father.

There is no formula available to ensure that we receive him. There is no formula that Jesus provided when he taught the disciples how to pray. You cannot pray with a formula. You can only pray what, through the Spirit, has been revealed.

My revelation of Jesus as the Daily Bread has transformed my life. I can honestly say that. I know beyond any doubt that Jesus is my Daily Bread, given by the Father, so that I might eat of him and have Life, and that I might share that Life with others.

Revelation must lead to a living experience. What is revealed must be experienced. It must become reality. If it isn’t experienced, surely it remains simply as theory? What Jesus says about himself must be revealed. When it is, we take his word for it, and we live in the experience of that revelation. No logical deduction, only revelation.

“Give us this day our daily bread” is no formula. It is a revelation of who Jesus Himself says he is.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let the Father reveal his gift of Life to you, and live in the experience of Him.

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