Where are we to buy bread?

Where are we to buy bread?


bread 3

“Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?”

I felt I should read John 6 again this last few days. Today I managed to find the time to read it. I didn’t get very far in it…

These words of Jesus were a test. The question was asked of Philip. And perhaps Jesus asks the question of us? Are we being tested by Jesus? He wants to know how we will answer.

Philip answered in part correctly. He knew that a certain amount of money would not be enough to buy the bread required to feed all the people. What he didn’t know, and what Jesus did know, was what would happen after that.

It says of Jesus that,

“he himself knew what he would do.”

Jesus knew. He always knows what he will do. He knew that the feeding of all these people was the prelude to a great revelation for his followers; the Father gives the True Bread of heaven. He knew that this next lesson to be learned by his followers was that provision comes from heaven, that all their needs can and will be met in the True Bread, Jesus himself. No amount of money can match or buy what the Father gives daily to us. It could not buy enough to match the provision of the True Bread from the Father.

Jesus takes loaves and fishes. He takes what is physical and fuses it with the divine, and an abundance of food is available for the people. Does this represent the fact that the True Bread took on physical form, is fused with the divine in Christ, and an abundance springs forth?

When we know we have received the True Bread, we also know that he is more than enough to give to people. Jesus himself will meet their needs.

As you and I walk around today, and we meet people and talk with people, perhaps Jesus is testing us with the question,

“Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?”

  • Where are we looking for our provision?
  • Have we received the True Bread of heaven today?
  • Do we have a consciousness within us of the Bread that we have to share with others?
  • Or are we looking for other ways to provide for people?

If today we have received him, we will know the provision of the Father to us, and we will know the provision we have to share with others. We will know that only the true bread can satisfy and bring Life to those in need. The bread and wine of communion is a symbol, a reminder to us that we can receive the True Bread from the Father, Jesus himself. And it’s a reminder to us that upon receiving him we can, and must, share this Life with others.

Eat the True Bread, drink the Living Water. Let our answer be, “You are the True Bread.”

2 thoughts on “Where are we to buy bread?

  1. This is a powerful reminder that Jesus is our only reliable source of life and all that makes it special.


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