The Message of Peace

The Message of Peace


Shalom – Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness, prosperity and welfare

“And coming he brings the message of peace to you the ones far off, and to the ones who are near.”

This message is the one who is peace, Jesus himself. The one who is the calm, “the eye of the storm.” The one who says to each of us, “Peace be unto you.”

And this message is for all. Those seemingly far off, and those seemingly near. It’s the same message. “Peace be unto you.”

I mentioned in another post that I see how essential peace is as an indicator in the work of the Spirit. That where Jesus is, there will be peace. Consequently, where Jesus is not, there won’t be.

The message is one of peace, to all and for all. That is a result of the gift of the Father to us, the bread of Life, Jesus himself.

There is, for all of us, immeasurable Life and Peace in this bread. In whatever circumstance, peace can be within us, and peace should be our message as we share the bread of Life with others.

It’s why Paul knew that having

“your feet sandaled in readiness of the message of (the) peace”

is essential for those who are one with the Father. The Father’s gift is Jesus himself. Our gift is Jesus himself.

Do you and I have peace within us? Is our message Jesus himself, the peace that passes understanding?

Do you and I take peace with us into every situation and to the people we meet? And more importantly, do we leave those situations and people with peace? Just as Jesus said, we can say,

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.”

Why? Because he is our peace. It is him we are giving and him we are leaving.

Just this week, someone came to me wanting to talk to someone. They weren’t in a good place, in fact somewhat worse for wear that day. I couldn’t understand what they were talking about or what they wanted. I did get that the person had excruciating pain in their body though.

I said we would pray. I didn’t have much to say based on what the person said. But I know God is merciful and that each day his mercies are new. So we asked the Father for mercy.

And then we simply asked for peace, for Jesus to come and be peace in their mind, body, soul and spirit. Within a short time, the person could only say wow, over and over again. As I looked at the persons face, it was lit up.

And they said that they had never experienced a peace like that ever. That they felt like a little child who had just been given something amazing. The wow-ing continued as they left!

Jesus came, and he said, “Peace be unto you.” And then he was peace for them. That is the message we have. We all need peace. This world definitely needs peace.

We need the Father’s gift, the bread of Life, the Inner Spring, Jesus himself. The peace that passes understanding. If we receive this bread we receive peace, and if we receive peace, we have peace to give.

Eat the bread of Life, drink the Living Water. Take the message of peace, Jesus himself, wherever your feet tread.

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