If You Are

If You Are


“If you are the Son of God.”

I was walking today thinking about these words. I know I’ve touched on them before, but they just seemed relevant to write about today. I think they are possibly the most challenging words Jesus faced. They came at a time when he was weak and vulnerable, spending 40 days alone in the wilderness.

It seems the devil waited until the 40 days were ended, when Jesus was at his weakest being hungry through having eaten nothing, to really challenge his identity.

“If you are the Son of God.”

Is it possible that the greatest revelation that we can have is knowing that we are a son of the Father? Some might argue this, but this identity, this knowing is the very springboard to doing the will of the Father.

It is one thing to live knowing that our sins are forgiven. It is another to be strong and to overcome the evil one. But I think it is the goal to “know him who is from the beginning.” Everything springs forth from knowing that we are a son of the Father.

At times of weakness, there is one who is all too ready to question our identity and cause us to doubt. If there is anything he can do to cause us to be ineffective and unfruitful, it is to cause us to doubt that we are who we are, a son of the Father.

Cause sons to doubt their identity, and they will automatically become ineffective and unfruitful. Sons can only function from their being. There is no doing as a son without first being a son.

As we’ve seen before, the Father makes every effort to confirm our identity as a son. I read this today by Norman Grubb,

“He wants people to know consciously who they are and to function as such.”

As an aside, I was reminded of a song from 1985 the other week, which has such a fantastic last line! Here are the words,

You brought me back to the place I belong
You filled my heart with a brand new song
You made me see that I just can’t go wrong
Now that my old life is gone
You showed to me that the work has been done
There’s nothing I need to become
It’s unbelievable, oh what a miracle, I and the Father are one.

It so is unbelievable and a miracle! I and the Father are one!

So to know “him who is from the beginning” is essential, because Jesus himself said,

“All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no-one knows the Son except the Father, and no-one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son will reveal him.”

The Son reveals the Father to us, because only he knows the Father, so that we might know the Father for ourselves.

We may be challenged regarding our identity as a son through guilt, remorse, or disappointment. But we must know that in those things, the Father is longing to confirm to us that we are a son. He gives the Spirit of his Son, Jesus himself, to confirm within us that we are sons. We must learn patience through certain feelings to understand that as the Life of the Son flows in us, wounds are healed and we soon will know again that “I am a son of God.”

And if the challenge comes again to us, “If you are a son of God,” we can simply point to the Father through Jesus and say,

“I Am.”

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