“But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.”

One spirit with him. That is such a great promise. And it’s not a promise that can come through some sort of theory or head knowledge. It’s a promise that comes to someone who lives in the experience of being one spirit with him.

It’s a promise that the Father is so desperate to experience with you and I. It’s a promise that Jesus is desperate to fulfill, knowing that if we can be one with him we are one with the Father. It’s a promise that the Spirit of the Son in us longs to fulfill, as he cries within us, “Abba! Father!”

Has it ever occurred to you that there are no fractions in the dimension of the Spirit? There can’t be. Jesus never did anything by halves. Nothing was left as a part, everything and everyone became whole.

It’s why Jesus said of himself that he “gives the Spirit without measure.” Who needs to measure everything? Who can measure all? There’s nothing to measure. It’s all.

It’s why Jesus would use words like “all” and “everything.” He knew he was one with the Father, and he knew that all things belonged to him as a Son. It’s why Paul used the same words. He knew that it was true. It was “all” and it was “everything.” Paul lived in the experience of being one with the Father, one with Christ, one spirit with him. It was all of God for him.

We are one spirit with the Father through Christ. In the dimension of the Spirit, one is one. The same, identical, inseparable, indivisible. One cannot be separated into two. It is what it is. And it can’t be anything else but one.

It’s why Jesus could confidently say,

“I and the Father are one.”


“If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father.

Jesus could confidently say “one.” Can we say that of ourselves? Can we say that if those around us have seen us, they’ve seen the Father? That’s exactly what Jesus desires for us. It’s exactly what the Spirit is crying out in us. And it’s exactly what the Father desires.

And it should be our daily desire too. To be able to say that we are joined to the Lord and that we are

“one spirit with him.”

Eat the Bread. Drink the Living Water. Live as one spirit with him.

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