Internal and External

Internal and External


This morning there was snow, and it was a wonderful walk into the office. Everything looks different in the snow! I felt sorry for the guy who rear-ended a car in front of him mind you….

I’ve been mulling over John 4 for a while, and having been looking at the literal Greek (download by clicking this and saving the PDF file: Literal Greek Book of John), I’ve found it’s a fascinating way to open up the scriptures and see new things.

Jesus said to the woman,

“If you had perceived the gift of God, and who is the One saying to you, Give me to drink; you would request of him and he would be giving to you living water.”

The woman responds by talking about Jacob’s Well, the physical water, the lack of a bucket etc, showing that she is unaware of the inner life that Jesus is talking about. She is conscious of external things, but as yet hasn’t grasped the internal, eternal nature of the I Am. How often can we think externally when Jesus is focusing internally?

The conversation moves on, and the woman, still thinking externally, asks about worship. More accurately, where is the place to worship.

Jesus, knowing what he’s offering and the purpose of giving her a drink, again speaks of the internal life rather than the external life that the woman is thinking of. He wants to show her that the Inner Spring he is offering will become in her a spring of living water, because he will make his home in her.

And he wants to show her that at that time, worship will no longer be on this mountain or in Jerusalem, but a timeless overflowing from the Spring within her, so much so that wherever she is and whenever it is, the Spring will flow and true worship will be given to the Father.

This contrast between the internal and the external is fascinating to me. I’ve seen something of the desire of I Am to live within us, that as we eat of the Bread of Life, and drink from the Inner Spring, there is an internal, eternal Life within us that changes everything. It is a Life that brings oneness with I Am. It’s essential, and it’s freely given to all those who eat and drink of Jesus.

The purpose of the Inner Spring in us is to flow from the Source (who makes his home in us), through us and out of us to others. The Spring is seeking for a way out of us so as not to become a stagnant pool. That is the nature of a flow, it doesn’t stay where it is, bringing life to just one. It flows on to others.

But I also see that external things are seeking to get in, to affect and upset the flow, even to replace the flow from the Spring. To block us up. I see now how subtly these external things come, and slowly but surely they seek to find a way in. Why else is it that,

“the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”?

The I Am is within us not only to flow out of us as an Inner Spring, but to guard the heart and mind, to guard the gate to his home. As we eat and drink daily, consciously of the Bread of Life, the Inner Spring, we are not only allowing life to flow out, but external things are kept out. Like a one way valve, what’s necessary to flow out does so, but it allows nothing in.

To eat and drink daily is to receive fresh bread and living water to ensure that nothing comes in. We must ensure that what we are eating and drinking is Jesus himself.

“Jesus, give us THIS DAY our daily bread. Give us yourself, the true bread from heaven, the bread of life.”

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