The Simple Life

The Simple Life


We seem as humans to have an innate desire to complicate things. When something simple emerges, it often seems too simple, and we then try to make it more complicated than it ever was meant to be. Perhaps we over complicate things in order to bring about quicker results, taking things into our own hands because we see a better and quicker way to the end result. I’m thinking of Abraham and the promise of a son here. The message was simple, “I will give you a son, and your descendants will be beyond counting.” Abraham over complicated things.

I continued at the start of this week with the very simple understanding of the need to eat of the Bread of Life, to drink from the Inner Spring, and to share that life. To only do what I see the Father doing. In the middle of the week, I got distracted by wrestling with thoughts about faith, and whether faith is as much of a risk, as much of a guessing game as it often appears to be. And yesterday I was getting tense about that, I wasn’t hearing anything one way or the other and I was wrestling in my mind with it. Then today I was getting ready, and these words came to me,

“Keep it simple. Eat the Bread, drink from the Spring, share the Life.”

So I’m walking this morning, and I’m being reminded of the simplicity of what Jesus has been showing me. His message is actually a very simple one. “Eat, drink of me. Be one with me, be one with the Father. Only do what you see the Father doing, through me.” How we see Jesus lived on earth is how we are meant to be living on earth. But that can only be if we are living as Jesus is living now. Or, to put it in a much better way, to know that Jesus is living his life in us and through us now. We are meant to be one with the Father, and that means one with Jesus. That means eating of the Bread, today, and drinking from the Spring, today.

If I can simply eat of the Bread of Life and drink from the Inner Spring, I will know oneness with Jesus and with the Father. I was in conversation with someone the other day, we’d been talking about only doing what we see the Father doing. That seems simple, but then he said to me, “Just makes me wonder how much I actually see the Father doing, and how much I do that I don’t see him doing.” That is really profound. Perhaps for us there are so many things that we do that we don’t see him doing, and so many things that he’s not doing that we are? That word “only” is still a huge word for us.

There are so many ways to complicate this life. For example, church is a brilliant way of complicating Jesus. If we actually knew the inner life (“If you knew the gift of God”) that Jesus is offering us in himself, much of the external stuff that we squabble and argue about or question would fall away. We exhaust so many resources, both physical and spiritual, on things that really don’t matter. We think they do, but actually, when we live life in the I Am, we find they really don’t matter at all. They are just distractions.

So, my message again today is,

“Keep it simple. Eat the Bread, drink from the Spring, share the Life.”

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